Sarah Quinn

I'm a writer in love with India, Stars Wars, fantasy, travel, and Thai curries. My childhood heroes were Luke Skywalker and Joan of Arc. I muse on superheroes, sci-fi, feminism, and more.

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Surprising Science Fiction Stories from the Ancient World
3 years ago
Some think of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as the beginning of science fiction. Others would say that it didn’t really begin until H.G. Wells began writing down his marvelous, speculative stories in wh...
'Star Trek' DIY Gifts You Can Definitely Make
3 years ago
If you love Star Trek, you’ve probably made something for yourself at some point that was too difficult to find or too expensive to purchase, like a Starfleet Academy costume or a phaser for your cosp...
Best Sci-Fi Graphic Novels for Kids
3 years ago
It can be challenging to find science fiction graphic novels for children that aren’t too scary or violent, but also don’t demean kids or gloss over their interests. While you have to make the call fo...
The Most Amazing Quotes About Science Fiction
3 years ago
Science fiction is a world worked in and lived in by necessity, not by choice. If we as readers are seeking a world so dark and revealing when we could be visiting Rivendell instead, we’re seeking it ...
The Best 'Star Trek' Gifts
3 years ago
Beam some amazing gifts under your Christmas tree and impress the Trekkies in your life. Old, young, fans of the original series or devoted followers of the new one, it doesn’t matter - everyone will ...
Amazing DIY Firefly Projects All Browncoats Will Love
3 years ago
Wait. Are you reading the right list? Here is a short quiz: Are you always referring to someone named “Cap’n Tight-Pants” as if he were not only a real man, but your personal hero? Does love keep you ...