Shyra Rodgers

Hi, my name is Shyra.


Love to read and write.

I work part time jobs until I can earn enough to support my career choice of becoming an author.

Love all animals...except the black widow.

(I know it's a bug)

Life Lesson 1: Do what you love. đź’—

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The Jyro and Mystie Series: Aftermath
a year ago
The purple fuzzy creature ate a bowl of cereal as she sat on my bed with me, using a tiny spoon that seemed perfect for her tiny little hands. As she's eating, I couldn't help but wonder if she ever s...
The Jyro and Mystie Series 2
a year ago
March: a good time to rethink of the weather and mourn the loss of the holiday that just passed us. The weather is cloudy with a chance of rain,which is more likely than anything else. If it was going...
The Jyro and Mystie Series
a year ago
The Autumn Equinox was a few days ago, even though Autumn usually starts at the end of August up here in Oregon. And by that, I mean the weather dropped early and leaves changed color all too quickly....