Singster Jones

I like to write about things that I witnessed or felt. But I like fiction too, it can be liberating. Writing is a big part of my life and I like to think that it's not only words on paper but kind of a second voice. Hope you like my stuff!

The Last Merman Standing (Pt. 1)
5 months ago
In a society where mythic creatures exist and live among human, acceptance is most of the time easy. However, even the greatest civilization has flaws... In the mermaid’s community, it was peaceful an...
The Director
6 months ago
I don't remember the time before the Director was born. He controls our life, our conversations, our work, everything. You can't breathe without the Director knowing. He's like God, he's f****** every...
I See You
7 months ago
I was a lousy student. I never did anything special with my life. I certainly not invented the wheel nor the four-hole button. I was like half of the population, boringly ordinary. I lived the first 2...
Okman the Red Planet
7 months ago
In a world that defies imagination, lived two young men who couldn't care less about each other. The red sky was shining, the birds were flirting and singing love songs. The nature was really alive an...