I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life.

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Life and Production: S2 E12: The Digital Hustle
4 months ago
Showcase The last stop on Lesane’s trip of entrepreneurs brought him to Tamika Gerroll’s studio. Based in Wilmington along the Riverfront, Tamika had built a studio to showcase her online media empire...
Life and Production: S2 E11: Two Bosses
4 months ago
Private Roads Only non coercive monopolies flourished in Delaware. The New Sweden Kids wiped out coercive monopolies where the government interfered with theeconomy. No government sullied the waters o...
Life and Production: S2 E10: The Fire of His Intellect
4 months ago
Cases With the Prohibition of psychoactive and narcotics and hallucinogens lifted; with the liberation of prescription drugs introduced, problems persisted still. Trevor Lesane aimed to solve such iss...
Life and Production: S2 E9: The Emotionalist
4 months ago
Wert "pours out his heart."
Life and Production: S2 E8: The Year Ahead
4 months ago
Lords of Change The upcoming fiscal year brought promise. Lesane Laboratories had opened up its new sites in Paris and Tel Aviv. The grand opening ceremonies ushered in sense of accomplishment in Trev...
Life and Production: S2 E7: A Carol of Virtues
4 months ago
The Lesane's go Christmas shopping.