I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life.

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Life and Production: S2 E3: Under Freedom
5 months ago
Prided The task of waking up Preston and getting Symphony ready for school never bothered Trevor Lesane. Preston, first of all, employed his alarm clock on his smartwatch. And Symphony always dressed ...
Life and Production: S2 E2: DACA
5 months ago
Tal crunches the numbers. Lesane names his discovery.
Enliven (Part II)
6 months ago
Jakes looked about the street that October night. He noticed the cool breeze and the clouds. He also noticed Yania with a gait that suggested excellence. Her blonde locks flowed over her white skin li...
Enliven (Part I)
7 months ago
Clouds moved out of the way on this fine morn. Sunshine, like truth being told, illuminated the city of Wilmington, Delaware. Fielder Jakes, teak-colored, sprayed sheen on his curly Afro. He straighte...
The Robot's Dream #KuriStory #HeyKuri
9 months ago
#KuriStory #HeyKuri I’m speaking to you in a dream. No, I’m not technically an android, and no, I don’t see electric sheep. I don’t possess a voice system in reality. I talk in a series of “boops” and...