I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life.

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Enliven (Part II)
7 months ago
Jakes looked about the street that October night. He noticed the cool breeze and the clouds. He also noticed Yania with a gait that suggested excellence. Her blonde locks flowed over her white skin li...
Enliven (Part I)
8 months ago
Clouds moved out of the way on this fine morn. Sunshine, like truth being told, illuminated the city of Wilmington, Delaware. Fielder Jakes, teak-colored, sprayed sheen on his curly Afro. He straighte...
The Robot's Dream #KuriStory #HeyKuri
9 months ago
#KuriStory #HeyKuri I’m speaking to you in a dream. No, I’m not technically an android, and no, I don’t see electric sheep. I don’t possess a voice system in reality. I talk in a series of “boops” and...
Life and Production: S1 E12: To the Hands of Humans
10 months ago
Grace and Directness The plane ride relaxed Saffron Lesane. On the first leg of her multi-city tour sponsored by the Delaware Institute of Technology (DIT), she felt confident in her ability to delive...
Life and Production: S1 E11: One Pill, One Patch
10 months ago
Speedballs With the knowledge of the addictive grip which the drugs cocaine and heroin posed, Trevor Lesane applied it to this current problem. He went to the laboratory. In the midnight hour, he test...
Life and Production: S1 E10: The Delawarean
10 months ago
The Estate When Dr. Saffron Isadora Lesane had reached her house, she noticed that her husband and Zev Tal were standing in the driveway. Preston and Symphony saw their father standing with Uncle Zev....