I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life.

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Life and Production: S1 E9: Aspire for More
10 months ago
Institute a Business The steam coming up from the vents of the street beckoned the passengers to float over the concrete carpet. Though the numbers remained minuscule, some men and women and a few chi...
Life and Production: S1 E8: The Highest in Their Actions
10 months ago
Deserved Its Title A pinball machine illuminated and boomed noises in an apartment. A player standing about four feet nine inches struggled to see the action of the steel ball. She was good. Her wrist...
Life and Production: S1 E7: Forte
10 months ago
Dizzying On the electronic wall-sized smart board, a dizzying array of numbers and symbols filled up the space. Each character meant something and therefore allowed the onlooker the chance to understa...
Life and Production: S1 E6: Earth's Dearth
10 months ago
In the World A clock struck six AM. In hurried mode, Holtzclaw Wert aroused from his sleep and proceeded to get dressed. At sixteen, he had already achieved the Presidential Medal for the Environment....
Life and Production: S1 E5: The Bloodless Battle
10 months ago
The Advent Financier Zev Tal sat down to study the charts. Before him, four screens displayed the trades on the exchange. He would’ve served a year of a six year sentence for insider trading. The judg...
Life and Production: S1 E4: Limits and Infinitesimals
10 months ago
As Assured When Preston and Symphony had arrived at the Lesane Estate, they charged toward the space where the laboratory and the home met. Trevor Lesane greeted them by swooping to their level and gi...