I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life.

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Garden of the Guardians
2 months ago
There’s much to say about the Garden of the Guardians. Firstly, it was named that to recognize the recent men and women who, through private means, founded the United States of America. Then, sculptor...
2 months ago
At her birth, her father yelled out that she would be a great leader. So, he named her Olori. She graduated egregia cum laude from Delaware Institute of Technology (DIT). Now, she sat on boards of hos...
Effective in June
2 months ago
How the American people chose for the age to drink and use narcotics to be 18, allowed teenagers all-over to rejoice, even if they had started drinking and using narcotics at 15. The idea of liquor an...
A Banker's Work
2 months ago
Julio Hearth, hazelnut-skinned, ventured upward to the 62nd floor in a skyscraper in Wilmington, Delaware, where he joined with his partners at Fennel, Tyre, and Hearth. Their ages ranged from 58, 46,...
The Millennium Meeting
2 months ago
Four men and two women stood as the former presidents of the United States of America. They convened on Rehoboth Beach, Delaware during the off-season in late October. There was a chill that hung in t...
Full Bird
2 months ago
Retired Marine Colonel Sebastian “Bastion” Hills stood on the tarmac in Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware. The gleaming aircraft possessed wings that jutted out like fingers. The fuselage was an...