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I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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The DJ Was a Doctor
6 months ago
Red lines from the scanner analyzed the digital device like a psychologist probes the mind. The smartphone displayed a picture and the master’s degree earned by Blythe Winnington. She smirked as the v...
Valencia Vaunt's Vehicles
6 months ago
Glass on the board reflected in the light. Valencia Vaunt peered at the tiny glowing figures that represented where her cars went. As CEO of Vaunt Vehicles in Newark, Delaware, she commanded over a fl...
Entry Devices
6 months ago
The surface seemed like talcum powder. Soft and giving yet somehow a bit firm. Two women prepared to walk out from the Martian module and experience the landscape firsthand. One woman, Commander Wanda...
Righteous Minds
6 months ago
Like most systems of mysticism, there can be found nuggets of truth, bits of wisdom, and pieces of thought by which to live. Though most of it is wrapped around contradictions, embedded in fallacies, ...
Cyborgs Like Us
7 months ago
Her eyes fluttered for a few seconds. It happened like this every workday. Her alarm clock under her eyelids reflected the time: six thirty. Tyquinae Sandifer would wake up to the skies, a grayness cl...
Life and Production: S2 E12: The Digital Hustle
a year ago
Showcase The last stop on Lesane’s trip of entrepreneurs brought him to Tamika Gerroll’s studio. Based in Wilmington along the Riverfront, Tamika had built a studio to showcase her online media empire...