Steve Benton

Based in Southern California, Steve is the author of The Prīmulī Prophecies series, which so far includes Lives of Future-Past, Lives of Lost Angels and Lives of the Provectus.

Creating an Alien Language for your Manuscript
a year ago
Many sci-fi writers like to add alien languages to their manuscripts. This can help to add a lot of texture to the story, define some big differences between characters and provide opportunities for c...
Past Retold
a year ago
"And how does that make you feel, Eric?" "Huh?" Eric had been looking out the window again, zoning off in thought. He didn't care for his court-ordered anger management sessions. He found them to be a...
a year ago
Golden-eyed Kantros relaxed in the warm summer sun, a cool breeze keeping it from being unbearably hot outside. She enjoyed the fair seasons on her world; a place made for her and those of her kind. H...
a year ago
"Terry! We'll be late if you don't hurry!" "Calm yourself, Bobby. The event doesn't start for another hour, and the pods will get us there in minutes." Terry Livingston was more excited than she appea...
Nothing But Stars in the Sky
a year ago
Lt. Rand Jones lay in a puddle of his own blood on a flat, rocky shelf. He was separated from his squad during a firefight and barely escaped with what was left of his life. He knew if he didn't get m...
Present Rewritten
a year ago
He knew it was an explosion, but only because of the compression. The quick, crystalline blowout happened so fast that everything was over before the sound even reached his ears. He watched his kinder...