Tamara Iwanchyshyn

Hello I am an aspiring film maker and writer who is trying to get my things out there. Thank you so much for reading, enjoy. 

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Made for You
a year ago
I smiled at the nurse as she pulled the blankets up around my shoulders. Today had been a good day. My whole family had come to visit. We had had a small birthday party for one of the little ones in t...
Catch Me If You Can
a year ago
Rolling out of bed that morning, I felt like I had gone to sleep only moments before. I needed to start heading home at a more reasonable hour or I was going to literally die at this job. Somehow fiel...
The Rain Is Coming
a year ago
It rained for half the days of the year. The heavens seemed to open up, and water flowed as if it was being poured from a bucket. The lower lands flooded, and everyone had to live on the tops of the m...
Sometimes It's Amazing What Still Works
a year ago
I looked up at the sky hoping for a change but saw none. I kept walking towards town. We needed more filters. Thinking of that, I checked the levels in the gas mask I was using now; still in acceptabl...