Taylor Summers

Writer | Musician | Model | Actor | Entrepreneur | Gamer | Addict of Creativity | Future Martian


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The Invasion (Pt. 3)
5 months ago
“I’m not an alligator wrestler, but damn!” Ralph’s Cheshire grin stayed a while; he was delirious from the late-night dip into both the water and his mind. Reality is a thin skim of ice over a deep la...
The Invasion (Pt. 2)
6 months ago
“Everything starts from somewhere,” the two men said. “But tonight, you belong to us.” The voices were discerned as vital characters in the four guys' imaginations. The act's unbridled performance was...
The Invasion
a year ago
“Do you guys see that?” Ralph said to the others. He pointed to the water. The four of them were huddled around the table, overlooking Lake Douglas from the second floor screened porch, passing around...