Teresa McLaughlin

Former opera singer, singer/songwriter, computer programmer, and cyber security professional, currently writing the science fiction series, "The Love of the Tayamni." Living in the NW with my husband, Miss Vicki, and 2 kitty kats.

From the 5th Book, "Hegira," The Prologue, "Decision on Vandeventer"
2 years ago
She remembered. It was a Saturday morning over 30 years ago. Must have been early Winter, steam billowed from car exhaust. Sitting alone, in a diner on Vandeventer Avenue, a plate of eggs and bacon in...
From the 4th Book, "The Far, Far West," The Prologue, "Descent Into Darkness"
2 years ago
It was the land of the dead, the underworld, the abyss; the land beyond the edge of the world, where the sun never rose, where light was choked out. It was the Land of Darkness. Closing her eyes, she ...
Excerpt From the 3rd Book, "To Break Bread with Strangers," The Prologue, "Banquet at Uruk"
2 years ago
She felt a cascade of changing memories. Like double vision, as if one eye blurred while the other remained clear. Different images of the same event vibrated against each other. The dissonance made h...
From the 2nd Book, "Shaare Emeth: Gateway to Truth:" The Prologue, "Theodosian Decrees"
2 years ago
Namazu sat on a worn curule in a small, stifling room. Maarika stood in front of her holding an ancient copper ankh in her right hand. She looked frantically from the altar to the curtain behind which...
From the 6th book, "Amagi, the Restoration," Excerpt from the Chapter Called "The Chosen People"
2 years ago
“The Gods of old were not remote, celestial icons. They were flesh and bone, sinew and blood,” she said, standing in front of the altar. She looked at the crowded nave. More people were entering. No o...
Excerpt from the Chapter "The Perseus Spiral Arm" of the Book "To Break Bread with Strangers"
2 years ago
“Crossing in three hours,” Captain Hurin announced. Namazu bit her lip. “Hurin continued, “No activity in orbit,” she said referring to Ditallu, the first planet inside the border. “…a few dead scanne...