The Water Lily

I was given a prompt and now I give you another side to our world.

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Arrows and Roses - Chapter 8
9 hours ago
Thanatos returned to the bedroom and Erosa was sitting up speaking to Persephone. “Than, I need to go check on my plants, do you mind keeping Erosa company?” His mother looked at him cheekily. “Um, no...
Arrows and Roses - Chapter 7
2 days ago
Thanatos spotted her, from the shadows, going into the cave. She was hard to miss in a place of darkness, she was like a campfire in a forest and she was attracting all kinds of attention. In the corn...
Arrows and Roses - Chapter 6
4 days ago
“What is like to love and be loved?” he elaborated. Okay… random question. I leant forward and pressed my hand against his forehead. “Are you feeling okay?” I knew I was frowning. Gods don’t get sick ...
Arrows and Roses - Chapter 5
6 days ago
Thanatos watched in fascination as she drifted towards the young couple. She went like a moth to a flame. He watched her image shimmer for a second like a mirage. She was using a glamour to hide herse...
Arrows and Roses - Chapter 4
8 days ago
➳ Thanatos held out the thermos his mother had given him, rehearsing the lines carefully in his head before knocking. "It’s cold. I brought you some hot chocolate. Lady Persephone visited a place on t...
Arrows and Roses - Chapter 3
10 days ago
Thanatos stifled a groan. It wasn’t that he wanted to be paired up with Erosa. But being in the same room as the woman did something strange to him. Seeing her again only reminded him of what he wante...