Theresa McGarry

Astronomy buff, NASA fan, I began writing science fiction at age eleven.  I sold two science fiction stories and was a Finalist in the Writers of the Future.  I was an award-winning scriptwriter for the audio Star Trek fan series, Defiant.

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Quantum Stills of a Thin-Spun Life - Part 6
2 years ago
The once secret Augur Chamber echoed with many awed and exclamatory voices as the Masters, Elders and senior Journeymen looked about and studied the strange objects. It was the first time any of them ...
Quantum Stills of a Thin-Spun Life-Part 5
2 years ago
Zennor strode through the doorway into the Command Center and found Algon at the Astrogator’s post. He slowed his steps as he approached her. But his concern for her was momentarily startled away when...
Quantum Stills of a Thin-Spun Life - Part 4
2 years ago
For uncounted minutes Parke looked down at the Captain’s chair from which he personally accessed the Core. And he knew he was postponing the private interface for myriad reasons, but primarily because...
Quantum Stills of a Thin-Spun Life - Part 3
2 years ago
Back in the habs again, Dre-jin anchored himself with one foot on a torn locker hinge, bent over at the waist, his breath cutting into his throat as he attempted to draw air in, expel it out. His post...
Quantum Stills of a Thin-Spun Life - Part 2
2 years ago
Journeyman Engineer Ned Shinichi stood with both hands poised over the instrument panel. It wasn’t hesitation, he told himself, it wasn’t apprehension or fear or anything negative. No. It was awe, pur...
Quantum Stills of a Thin-Spun Life
2 years ago
quantum: ~noun (pl. quanta) 1. Physics: the smallest amount of many forms of energy (such as light) 2. a share or portion (each person possesses only a quantum of sympathy) ~modifier: sudden, spectacu...