Trevor J

Paintball, archery, shooting sports, camping and fishing

Sword of Gaerus 1-2
a year ago
Gorec dreamt of a beautiful waitress in a high class tavern he once visited. He longed to look into her eyes. He wanted to feel her soft skin. He wanted to kiss her angelic lips. He tried to move clos...
Sword of Gaerus 1-1
a year ago
The Bar was just another Inn in another town with a new sea of faces that are not worth the trouble to remember. The three brutes up near the innkeeper are trying to start a quarrel. The lone man in t...
The Arena
a year ago
The two gallant warriors step onto the battle field. One clad in red plate mail, the other in rags. The man in red draws his mace, his opponent wields a battle axe. “To The DEATH!” is heard over the b...