Troi Speaks

All I want to do in life is make art.  If you're actually interested in me and/or my work, talk to me.

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The Creative Process Is a Distant God
3 months ago
Oden lives in a box. All white, flat, smooth walls and no windows. A constant dripping sound though there is no place for water. There is a desk and chair and on the desk there is an open notebook. Th...
This Is Not Déjà Vu
a year ago
My earliest carcass didn’t know of time; in that life, it didn’t matter, didn’t exist. Yet, as what I now know was a bee, I existed. In that life, I didn’t bother to distinguish a difference between r...
Thank You Grimmie
a year ago
All that is born will die and that’s where I chime in. I smile, a warm and welcoming smile, at every passing soul I encounter. And in all my immortal years I have noticed that only humans ask why. Onl...