Wendell Mitchell

A father of 3, Wendell is a cyber hobo with a love for storytelling and food. His interests include grappling, pro wrestling, anime, MMA, superheroes, comedy, at least one song in every musical genre except EDM, and cooking.   

Kiss Before Dying (Pt. 4)
9 months ago
Yesterday seemed like a distant memory. James was awakened by both the feel and sound of his stomach rumbling. Fortunately for him, his nose detected the aroma of whatever mouth-watering concoction Un...
Kiss Before Dying (Pt. 2)
9 months ago
Morning’s light forced open James's weary eyes. He shielded his face with his left hand while the right fumbled for his cell phone. He noted the time digitally painted on the screen and threw off his ...
Kiss Before Dying (Pt. 3)
9 months ago
James stared at his uncle like a crazy person. The craziness did not stem from his uncle or from what he had said, but from the initial excitement at hearing the word vampire. That feeling was slowly ...
Kiss Before Dying
9 months ago
James Mitchell entered through the main entrance of the Institute for Paranormal Studies. As he passed by doors labeled “Introduction to Magic” and “Vampiric Lore,” the admittedly nerdy side of his pe...
Make the City by the Sea the Place to Be
9 months ago
Nathaniel Dawkins recognized the limitations of his capacity for compassion. Unfortunately, his employer at the Port Arthur Pulse had greatly overestimated those limits. For the last few weeks, Nathan...
Hold Me Kiss Me Thrill Me
10 months ago
Ekon Okafor wanted to believe he was stronger than this; or at the very least smarter than his actions were making a concerted effort to disprove. He needed to believe he was capable of controlling hi...