William Hillson

In my 20's, gay. I attempt to make my stories as enjoyable to read as they are to write. Sci-fi in various branches, slight macabre, and gore (at times) are my usual go-tos for topics and any romance topic will be LGTB related.

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a year ago
There was a low growl from somewhere to his left and Tony stilled. The cage beside him meant nothing could reach him but it was still nerve-wracking being this close to technical monsters. If he was b...
Becoming Cyborg
a year ago
All Kevin was aware of was pain for the first few hours he was awake, this being the main reason that he didn't listen when told to sit still. He couldn't stop rolling side to side and he was distantl...
Andy's Sins (One)
a year ago
Andy groaned as he rolled over and squinted into the sunlight. He could have sworn that he'd closed that blind before lying down. Blue eyes glided across the room, head shifting fractionally to make i...
Waking Nightmare
a year ago
There was the most blank expression upon his face. Jaw slack but lips still closed, he stared off at a distant spot. Chief of Police, Urie Havoc, waved his hand in front of the male's face in an attem...