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 i didn't get serious about it until i became an over the road truck driver and had nothing but time. If youblike this check out my new work on amazon.com 

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Princess Charming 3
a year ago
Princess Chanel pulls away from her mother as they get further down the hall. She can’t believe that her mother is being so physical with her. She stands there in front of her mother staring at her in...
Princess Charming: 2
a year ago
Princess Donnie watches in awe as the Princess seems to glide across the floor. She stands in the wings and watches prince after prince approach the princess for a dance. She knows that she will not b...
Princess Charming
a year ago
In a land far away live two princesses : Chanel, Princess of Devonshire, and Donielle, the Princess of Zamora, both looking for love but unable to find it. At least that's what both of their parents b...