Yvette Cordova

Yvette resides in Los Angeles and loves to travel and explore. 

You can follow her adventures here: http://www.lushqn1travels.com/

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'Prospect': An Original Futuristic Film by Dust
7 months ago
With reboots and prequels happening to favorite TV shows and movie franchise, it’s nice to see original movies coming out on the big screen, and it’s even better when the movie is filled with action, ...
Humans and Animals Working Together
2 years ago
Humans and animals working together to benefit out Earth may sound insane to those who do not believe that climate change is happening, but those who see this evolving problem that’s affecting our pla...
Life in 360°
2 years ago
Technology is growing and shaping the way we take photographs. We even capture and create memories using our cell phones, so it's not surprising that photography is still an evolving industry. Videos ...