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Writer/Editor.Author.Poet.Artist.Crafter.Holistic Life Coach.Spiritual Counselor.Certified Metaphysics Practitioner/Ordained. glassgoatpublishing.com YvonneGlasgow.com theartofdreamsanddivination.com lifesavvy.com/author/yvonneglasgow/

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Oh, The Horror! 'Rim of the World'
3 months ago
It's the end of the world, and four kids are responsible for getting a key to some NASA to save the world. Will they make it? What stands in their way? Will they all survive?
Fortune Telling Oddities: Bone Throwing
7 months ago
You can tell your own future, or someone else’s fortune, with nearly anything. Seriously. A plain deck of cards was used by Gypsies a long, long time ago before the first Tarot cards even existed. Tea...
Six Reasons Not To Play With a Ouija Board
2 years ago
I own a Ouija Board. I like my Ouija and I even have used Ouija Boards many times throughout my life. However, I also had one that did weird things, like moving by itself from one room to another. Nop...
Why Are Our Bees Dying And What Can You Do About It?
2 years ago
In the span from April 2015 to April 2016 the United States lost 44 percent of its honey bee colonies, so close to half that it should be frightening to anyone reading this. It’s not just the honey be...
The Paranormal Gift
2 years ago
In the darkness, she heard a sound that wasn't at all familiar, even though it completely was. It didn't bother her though, it seemed like something new came to her each night. She was used to it by n...
Milk of the Gods
2 years ago
John went to the grocery store, just like any other day. Well, almost. He grabbed the shopping list off the fridge, the only part of the shopping his wife, Mary, ever did. John was the writer, the one...