Zach Foster

Freelance writer. Served as a reserve soldier. Occasionally works as a private contractor. Senior Contributor for the Libertarian Party of Nevada blog.

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The Hot War: Bombs Away
3 years ago
Harry Turtledove doesn’t identify as an alternate history writer, but rather as “a historian who writes science fiction.” Bombs Away isn’t quite what most readers would think of as science fiction, bu...
The Career of Carrie Fisher, Sci-Fi Princess (Part 2: 1985-2016)
3 years ago
Continued from Part 1: 1969-1984 Star Wars catapulted the young Carrie Fisher into stardom overnight, which led to wild partying and drug use. Since her recovery from those days, she always took respo...
The Career of Carrie Fisher, Sci-fi Princess (Part 1: 1969-1984)
3 years ago
Carrie Fisher passed away this morning, and her passing leaves tens of millions of sci-fi and Star Wars fanatics stunned. Already, the obituaries and Facebook tribute artwork are flowing freely as peo...
'Rogue One,' Take Two for 'Star Wars'
3 years ago
***This article contains major spoilers. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, this is your only warning.*** Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is a movie that gets it right! For the first time in more years t...