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She was simply attractive, like the forest... or the sun would be. 

Like nature. 

There was something raw and free about her.

Freedom. Yeah, that is the word, he thought. From her drips an energy that feels ancient, filled with a knowledge and sensuality I haven't felt since... ever really. And still... she is cold. Unimpressed by our way, our science, our creations. Unafraid of our weapons, our destruction. Uninterested by our wisdom.

He was still standing close to the door. He was curious about her since she had ran into him and asked to come inside. What is she looking for?Nobody lives around here... my closest neighbor is at least a few miles away. How could it be? She can't be living near, right? Who is she? He couldn't find the words to express his surprise. Why did she come? Who is she?  

What do you want, really?

Wondering, he stayed silent.

Her eyes were clear and felt like waterfalls dripping from the sky. She kept them focused on the paper in front of her.

What do you want, lady?

She wore a dark red long dress with sleeves and her long auburn hair rippled on her back. She felt like the colors of the leaves. Like autumn. A small diamond pierced her left nostril and reflected light on the table.

Wandering, she stayed silent.

She bit her lip and drew red circles with boredom. Time seemed to mean nothing to her. 

I think it's him. I felt it from far. I think...

"So... Who are you?" she asked without looking up from her sheet.

"I'm a scientist."

"Doesn't sound like who you are, sounds more like a job or something."

"Eum..." What? Why is she here? What is she expecting me to say?

"So a scientist, huh?"


"You mean like a sorcerer?" she asked.

He laughed, thinking she was being silly.

"No. Of course not. That would be ridiculous."

"What kind of scientist are you?"

"I specialize in astronomy and chemistry," he assured.

"And what do you do exactly?"

"I observe the sky, seeking understanding of our universe... and I also make cures or discoveries to advance our knowledge with my chemical experiments."

"Soo... like a nice sorcerer then," she repeated.


She looked up and laughed at his annoyed look.

He grinned, happy to make her smile for the first time.

There is purity in him. A void that compels us... Like snow or clear water.

A desire to take...To possess. To get and give. He is charm and humility colliding. His mind is clouded by a mistaken society but still... his essence remained what it was... life after life. He has what we crave...

What all of us need to taste.

Her pen fell from her palm and rolled down the table, hitting the floor. He looked down at her drawing.

"Come," she said.

He finally moved and sat close to her. The sheet was covered but he realized he didn't really know what kind of geometric symbols she had traced.

"Why are you here?" he decided to ask.

"What you are is disappearing. What you feel like... is vital. And we need you. I need you."

"What I am? You mean a scientist?"


"I don't understand," he said. 

"You are pure. In your chakras... In your love. In your light."

She is insane. She doesn't even know me. What are we even talking about? he thought, disappointed.

"Just leave. I am too tired for foolishness."

"I need..."

"What? What are you even?"

"Need to take it."

"Take what?"

Long fangs appeared in her mouth and she licked them slowly. He got up again and backed away, his heart pounding in his chest. What the f***?!

"Please, don't be afraid."

"You're a vampire?"

She laughed.

He wanted to run now. Scream maybe. But he was petrified. Unsure of who to call or where to go. Unsure of not wanting to know how things were going to play out. How she was. How she felt. What will she do?

She got closer, smelling his fear.

Her lips caressed his. The falls in her eyes glimmered.

Still. He saw her take. 

Her wings bloom, painted of colors he couldn't name. 

What are you?