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Back To Black: Continuing The William Is The Man In Black Theory From Westworld!

While the internet STILL ponders multiple timeline theories, and true identities of the Man In Black, the case for it all being true is stronger than ever.

Image: HBO

Time to stick on that tin foil-fedora, because it is back down to #Westworld for your weekly head-scratcher of WTF (What — Teddy Flood?). While the internet STILL ponders multiple timeline theories, and true identities of the #ManInBlack, the case for it all being true is stronger than ever. I have already highlighted the theory on how mild-mannered William could be the infamous Man in Black here:

Image: HBO

But now let's look at where the half-way point of the season leaves us. We are still on the same perilous journey down the rabbit hole, but here are seven signs from Episode 5, "Contrapasso," that point to William putting on that black hat before the season is out!

Suicide Squad

Image: HBO

"Contrapasso" had William and Logan talking about the park's co-creator Arnold, and how his death affected the park. Logan said that Arnold's death had sent the park into free-fall, and they were currently hemorrhaging money, that he (whatever he is) was currently looking into buying it. Most interestingly they didn't allude to how recently this had happened. We only know that there was a "critical failure," and that took place 30 years previous to present day. However, the very same episode, Dolores says that she has not had contact with Arnold for 34 years, 42 days, and 7 hours — the day of his death. Now, I am no mathematician, but that is a four year window that William and Logan could be residing in.

A well dressed man.

Image: HBO

Episode 5 also set William and Logan on a long-awaited path to splitsville, while their business conversations shed some more light on the possible William/MIB theory. As the pair argue in Pariah's gilded brothel, Logan says the line:

Do you remember the day that you finally got those three fancy little letters? EVP. You walked into my office in that cheap black suit of yours, and you shook my hand and you thanked me for the opportunity.

A slip of the tongue, or an #EasterEgg pointing to the future?

Teddy Bear

Image: HBO

We are also yet to see James Marden's Teddy interact with William or Logan at all. On the surface you could say it is because he is spending his time hauled up with #MIB, and that they are on the other side of the park, but that is far too easy. Remember when William and Logan first came to the park on the train? There was no Teddy there. Remember that Teddy is a robot, and on a loop, so it is safe to assume that he would be performing the same task every day. Also included in the missing host theory, bandit Hector is nowhere to be seen in William and Logan's interactions, and neither are Brothel Madame Maeve.

We did see them meet Clementine the prostitute, but Luke Hemsworth's character said that Clementine had done Maeve's job "before." Are Maeve, Teddy, and Hector new additions to the park since MIB's first visit? Sure, he may know them, but chances are it is due to one of his many visits.

El Lazo

Image: HBO

The episode waved hello/goodbye to Clifton Collins Jr.'s Lawrence, so far MIB's unwilling partner in crime. We saw Lawrence tossed aside for MIB's greater purpose, which somehow has something to do with James Marsden's Teddy. Next scene, and who should William and co. come across? A reinvigorated Lawrence under his bandito moniker, El Lazo. The show has spent the past few weeks setting up the whole notion of how easy it is to bring hosts back into action after their "death," but is it a red herring? Obviously Lawrence could have been taken to maintenance and put back into the park for the next day in his El Lazo loop, but that is just a little too convenient.

Breaking Bad

Image: HBO

Then we have William himself, who is undergoing a sort of "birth." His arrival in Westworld was fairly understated, and he was quick to shy away from the violence, but it wasn't long before he fired a bullet. William also originally avoided the advances of the robotic Clementine and the host in the welcome center, presumably finding it unnatural, but this week he shared a passionate smooch with #Dolores. Now on episode 5, it looks like Wills is pretty handy with a pistol, and you know who else is a sharp shooter? MIB!

VIP Privileges

Image: HBO

Back in "present day" there is a rather familiar drinking buddy on MIB and Teddy's quest. Dr. Ford meets with MIB for an unknown purpose, and it isn't his usual track of trying to intimidate you. The meeting reveals that Arnold nearly took down Westworld, but also find that he would have succeeded if not for MIB's help:

"I'd need a shovel, the man I'd be asking died 35 years ago — almost took this place with him."

Saving everyone sounds pretty out of character for the sadistic gunslinger, however, it does sound like exactly the kind of thing that William would do. Remember as well, Dr. Ford is yet another member of the cast who we are yet to see interact with Logan or William — unless an old Anthony Hopkins turns up on that train, consider the theory still rolling.

Here comes the choo choo train.

Image: HBO

Ah, finally, back to the train. We also saw El Lazo's wicked double cross of the Confederates, swapping out the explosive nitro with tequila. He then loaded up the train with nitro-pumped bodies and headed off into the dark. Dolores and William made it onto the train and struck up a bargain with Lawrence for their lives. You may have noticed a familiar looking maze symbol on the coffin, and suddenly William and Lawrence were gone. It could simply be that is Dolores's ancient robo-mind acting up again. Dolores was clearly instrumental in whatever happened with Arnold, so could she be re-tracing the mission to destroy the park? I don't know about you, but a train filled with nitro seems like a pretty surefire way to stir up some trouble, and I have a sneaky suspicion that history is about to repeat itself!

Image: HBO

So, still not convinced? There are now two whole articles pointing to the fact that William is the Man in Black. Admittedly we could be barking up the wrong tree, but coming from the mind of Jonathan Nolan, there is bound to be some trickery. There are still five weeks to go until we will actually know the truth, but tune in next week to have more theories debunked/thrown your way.

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Back To Black: Continuing The William Is The Man In Black Theory From Westworld!
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