Best Carrie Fisher Tribute Art

Fall in love again with princess and novelist Carrie Fisher with this beautiful collection of fan tribute art.

Since Carrie Fisher’s unexpected passing, fans have been taking to social media to pay tribute to a beloved actress, woman, and intergalactic savior. Old photos, videos and quotes have resurfaced of the galaxy’s favorite princess (and General!), taking on a new poignancy as fans reflect on Fisher’s legacy and marvel on the wisdom she imbued with every syllable she uttered. Every image is a statement. Every video is a teachable moment. Every sentence is a sound bite.

What strikes me as I surf through the seemingly infinite body of Carrie Fisher tributes is the lack of distinction between her onscreen activities–she is best known for playing Princess Leia Organa in the original Star Wars’ trilogy–and offscreen activities– she advocated for female empowerment and mental health awareness and wrote as both a novelist and screenwriter. Most tribute creations feature Princess Leia, but lack the additional intergalactic trappings one would expect from a Star Wars fanatic.

Inherent in the tribute art is a blending of genres which speaks less to the artistic prowess of Fisher’s fan base and more to the authenticity and simplicity of Fisher’s legacy and the values she applied to everything she did. No matter how you came to know Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia, her fans love, remember, and depict her all the same.

Our Highness by Butcher Billy

Rest in Peace by Gilang Bogy

Leia by Solo Artwork

Leia had Joined the Stars by Ibrahim Oubahmane

Rest in Peace Carrie Fisher by Arian Noveir

Carrie Fisher, 1956-2016 by Lance Walters-Unrau

Princess Leia by Marta Waterme

Princess Leia by Digar

Carrie Fisher / Princess Leia by Jose Herrera


Leia - Low Poly by Marina Voigt

Star Wars Vinyl Covers by dweebkid

Farewell, Princess. by Johanna Velasco

Princess Leia by Norby Ela

Carrie Fisher by Facundo Mansilla

Carrie Fisher RIP by Daniel Simmonds

Farewell, Princess by Bernard Salunga

Carrie by Domingos Aquino

Princess Leia by Daniel Santome

RIP Carrie Fisher by Larry Cooney Jr

Carrie Fisher Princess Leia Tribute by Charlie Ans

Carrie Fisher by Cal Wylie

Carrie Fisher by JP Valderrama

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Best Carrie Fisher Tribute Art