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Best Cryptozoology Documentaries

Love learning about the Loch Ness monster? Scope out the best cryptozoology documentaries for your next binge.

Cryptozoology is the study of animals that allegedly exist—but currently have no physical proof of it quite yet. It's a fascinating field where people will actually sit down and investigate claims of Bigfoot sightings, the veracity of mermaids being spotted in Asia, and more. 

Once in a blue moon, cryptozoologists will actually find what they're looking for—like what happened with Giant Squids. Other times, cryptozoologists find animals that were assumed to be long extinct, such as what happened with the coelacanth.

It's a fascinating field that makes you think about how little we really know about Earth. That's why watching the best cryptozoology documentaries ever made is so much fun. Want to get a better glimpse into the crypto-world? Watch these docs and enjoy the paranormal chills. 

Mermaids: The Body Found

Discovery Channel first aired this movie on television, and it's all about discussing the possibility of mermaids being real. Unfortunately, the network ended up being the focus of a scandal after some of the "proof" was found to be a hoax. 

Though Mermaids: The Body Found isn't really scientifically accurate, it's beautifully made. It also looks into the ways that mermaids could look, which can be pretty fun to think about. Even if it isn't based in fact, this documentary is fun and worth a watch. 

Is it one of the best cryptozoology documentaries out there, though? Well, in terms of entertainment value, definitely. In terms of fact, probably not. 

America's Monsters: Mothman and the Bell Witch

America's Monsters is a two-part cryptozoology documentary that features two classic American cryptids: the Mothman and the Bell Witch. Most of the documentary duration involves looking at each creature in depth. The video's producers talked to people who saw them, did deep research, and also presented it all beautifully. 

If you already think you "know everything" about these two monsters, this paranormal documentary will teach you otherwise. If you're looking for a more facts-based film, then this one will definitely be one of the best cryptozoology documentaries you'll see this year. 

Ripley: Believe It or Not

Though this is technically not a cryptozoology documentary in the most classic sense of the word, there's a lot of information here about the fascinating creatures and exhibits found in Ripley's Believe It Or Not! museums. 

The documentary shows the Fiji Mermaid, talks about how Ripley got his strange beings, and also disproves a lot of hoax critters. What's really fascinating about Ripley is that it also tells the story of one of the greatest showmen to ever live while doing it, too. 

Fans of Forteana will want to watch this flick—especially if they've been to one of Ripley's wax museums. They also will probably call it one of the best cryptozoology documentaries ever made; even if it's about the commerce of crypto-hoaxes. 

The Hidden Hand

Fans who love a good conspiracy theory and want to learn more about aliens can get a double dose by watching The Hidden Hand. This eerie and unsettling paranormal documentary talks about why so many theorists believe that reptilians are controlling the government, why governments are covering up proof of aliens, and what these aliens really want. 

This movie knows how to put on a show, and it will bring you on a massive journey into the wildest corners of conspiracy theories. It brings up alien-human hybridization, G-men coverups, alien abductions, and even alien technology. 

If you are looking for one of the best cryptozoology documentaries ever made about reptilian aliens, this is it. It's even won a number of awards for its excellent storytelling and research. 

The Mysterious Monsters

We couldn't really make a list of the best cryptozoology documentaries without involving at least one Bigfoot documentary. Many Bigfoot experts claim that the 1975 release of The Mysterious Monsters is one of the best cryptozoology documentaries ever created.

Along with getting plenty of interesting stories about Bigfoot, this documentary also touches on some of the other bigger cryptids out there—including Nessie and the Abominable Snowman.

Between the rich storytelling, the old school fun, and the decent filming, it's easy to see why people love this movie. It was one of the earliest documentaries released about cryptozoology, and it makes you wonder about life's mysteries in the documentary duration. 

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