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Best Sci-Fi Shows on Netflix Right Now

From genre classics to the latest hits, here are the best sci-fi shows on Netflix today.

Science fiction has a unique appeal—it can be exciting, imaginative, and innovative, while tackling difficult issues from new angles, making important social commentary, and, oftentimes, provoking much thought. It should be no surprise that there are an abundance of popular sci-fi shows on Netflix right now, just waiting to be binged. From mid-Century classics like The Twilight Zone and Star Trek, to the newly released Netflix originals Altered Carbon and Lost in Space, here are some of the best science fiction shows you can stream today. Sci-fi fans rejoice! The best Netflix sci-fi series are at the tips of your fingers.

The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone is a timeless classic. If you can't already recognize Rod Serling's voice from three rooms away with headphones on, it's probably time for a binge. The show's original series ran from 1959 to 1964, with a few spin-offs since then (none that hold a candle to the original, though). 

Of all the sci-fi shows on Netflix right now, The Twilight Zone is probably the most culturally significant. It's social and moral commentary, and its depiction of the real and possible worlds out there, have helped shape science fiction in the generations since then. Every episode of this incredible series offers some kind of thought-provoking twist or consideration, reflecting a world of incredible imagination and possibilities.


Sense8 is about powers, and more importantly, it's about people. Eight very different people, connected by a strange telepathic ability. A significant part of what makes Sense8 one of the best sci-fi shows on Netflix is the incredible characters. Yes, the premise is fascinating and the plot engaging, but ultimately, the show rides on the strength of its characters. They're people from incredibly different walks of life, a truly motley crew of misfits and secret-keepers, whose lives begin to intertwine, at first slowly, then with greater and greater speed and consequence. It's science fiction at its best: A show about real, diverse people thrust into incredible circumstances.

Black Mirror

The 2011 release of Black Mirror's first season took the world by storm. Since then, the show has consistently been on the tip of everyone's tongue—and for good reason. Each episode has a stand-alone plot that tackles ethical and societal concerns about technological advancements, portraying a near-future world in which some kind of advanced technology has altered, or is in the process of altering, a significant aspect of our lives. Something like a technology-based Twilight Zone. 

There are two elements to the considerations that Black Mirror makes: technology and humanity. Many of these episodes question the wisdom and morality of certain technologies, given human nature and the destructive potential of certain advancements; but in other cases, the technologies themselves are harmless, and merely provide a mirror for commentary on mankind.

Altered Carbon

In this mind-bending Netflix original, humanity has developed the technology to keep everyone's consciousness in a device in their neck, able to be re-uploaded into a new body at any time. 

Joel Kinnaman plays a reincarnation of Takeshi Kovacs, a specially trained super-soldier who was killed 250 years ago in an Uprising. His cause failed, and he was stored away indefinitely—until a shockingly wealthy aristocrat hires him to solve his murder. Part crime drama, part dystopia, pure entertainment—Altered Carbon is certainly amongst the best sci-fi shows on Netflix.

Stranger Things

A boy's disappearance throws a small town into turmoil—but it's not what it appears to be. When a strange girl with strange powers turns up, the situation only gets weirder, and the border between our world, and a much darker one, gets blurred. As the boy's friends and family race to save him, dark forces—on both sides of the line—begin to close in, making for an intense two seasons of binge-worthy entertainment.

If you haven't yet entered the upside-down and experienced all the strange thrills that Stranger Things has to offer, now is the time. Between the authentic, small town '80s vibe and the incredibly lovable cast of characters, this is easily one of the best sci-fi shows available on this streaming service right now. 


In the distant future, humanity is on the brink of extinction. Technological advancements have enabled agents to return to the past—our present—and attempt to stop the events that started the chain reaction leading to this fraught situation. When it comes to time travel though, nothing is simple. They can't simply arrive in the past—only their consciousness can be transferred, placing them in the bodies of people on the brink of death. As a result, these travelers have to navigate the lives of ordinary people, trying not to arouse suspicion while saving their future. Every move they make has consequences, and soon, the future they're trying to save looks nothing like the future they left.

Star Trek: The Original Series

Science fiction has the ability to raise social, political, and moral concerns or issues in unique and powerful ways. Gene Roddenberry's classic series never shied away from the controversial, using its role in pop culture to reflect a wide range of issues plaguing society at the time—many of which are still relevant today.

Of course, Star Trek is not just a vessel for moral messages. It's one of the most well-loved, entertaining series ever created, and certainly one of the best sci-fi shows on Netflix today. Like its captain, this series is adventurous, daring, entertaining, and bold; and having one of the most truly impressive sci-fi sidekicks you wish were your BFF, you'll want to grab your BFF and binge-watch this truly timeless classic from start to finish.

Lost in Space

The Netflix reboot of Lost in Space takes a high-budget, exciting spin on the classic TV series and film. In this show, the Robinson family takes to the skies with a group of other colonists, but they never reach their intended destination. Instead, they are thrown off course, and face danger after danger as they try to survive in unknown environments. Naturally, in the midst of being, quite literally lost in space, the Robinson family must navigate their own internal relationships, as well as their interactions with other colonists. The classic family dynamic, including three exceptionally genius children, meets the best in high-budget special effects and excellent acting to make this one of the best sci-fi shows on Netflix.

The 100

After the Earth is rendered uninhabitable by nuclear war, humanity survives on a space station, living under strict rules for population control. But even with these rules, the space station is dying. In a last attempt to save themselves, the crew send 100 teenagers to Earth, with plans to follow if its found to be inhabitable.

This group grows and shrinks as they face new dangers and shocking new discoveries, struggling to survive in a strange new world. As they do, allies and enemies form, creating tension and danger from within, as well as some of the best on-screen relationships I've ever seen.


3% is an original Brazilian production, following a group of candidates in a dystopian society, fighting for a chance to be part of the 3%—the select few who get to live in a utopia, an island for the elite, known as the Offshore. As in any story revolved around dystopian society, there is a growing resistance to the status quo, including a group known as "the Cause". Conflicting motivations, desires, and moral compasses clash as candidates, and other key players, interact in this thrilling psychological drama that's sure to keep you engaged. With characters you can't help but like and questions of justice and morality that will keep you thinking, this is truly one of the best sci-fi shows on Netflix.

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Best Sci-Fi Shows on Netflix Right Now
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