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Best 'Star Wars' Authors

It can be hard to gain recognition when writing about the epic saga, but the best 'Star Wars' authors have been successful in gaining esteem in the genre.

Once you've finished adoring the Star Wars movies in theaters and on Netflix, you might want to see more stuff involving the Galaxy Far, Far Away. We can't blame you. Star Wars is addictive. Thankfully, there are plenty of excellent Star Wars books to choose from, and some of them are seriously great. 

If you want to get in on reading awesome books about Star Wars, we suggest scoping out this list of the best Star Wars authors currently on the market. They're fan-approved, and their stories will get addictive. 

Timothy Zahn

Even the Hugo Awards believe that Timothy Zahn may be one of the best Star Wars authors to ever pen a story about the world of Jedis. He's been awarded a Hugo Award for the best novella!

His highly descriptive books are known for excellent character development and pulse-pounding plots — just like the Star Wars movies themselves.

Though he's written a number of great books involving the Star Wars universe, he's most well-known for the Thrawn trilogy. The trilogy is often credited with bringing out the expanded universe media that many other Star Wars books are based on.

If you also love interesting side characters, you'll love Zahn's work. He is, after all, the person who created the character known as Mara Jade.

It is worth noting that Zahn's Star Wars books are no longer considered to be canonical by the franchise. After Disney bought the franchise, the corporation decided to wipe the slate clean... and that means that Timothy Zahn's works now all take place in an alternate universe.

Even so, Zahn's legacy speaks for itself. He's a great author, with great talent, and picking up one of his books will definitely show you how rich Star Wars lore can be. 

Ann C. Crispin (A.C. Crispin)

Ever wonder what Han Solo was like as a teenager? So did A.C. Crispin.

Perhaps one of the best Star Wars authors to really take a good look at the teenage life of one of the biggest Star Wars characters to hit the screen: Han Solo.

The Han Solo trilogy looks at the struggles and memories of a teenage Han Solo, back when he first became a driver for a cult. The entire trilogy shows how he goes from a promising teen to getting booted from the Imperial Academy to losing cargo from the infamous gangster Jabba the Hut.

If you're a fan of seeing a heartfelt glance into the world of a main (yet little-discussed) character, her work is not to be missed. 

Karen Traviss

Fans who loved watching the Clone Wars saga unfold onscreen will find Karen Traviss to be one of the best Star Wars authors to ever work on the series. The Republic Commando series, often considered to be some of the most mandatory books dealing with the Clone Wars, are all her work.

This entire series focuses on the Delta Squad as they go to a strange planet with a bioweapons facility — and uncover some pretty terrifying things. Before the Clone Wars cartoon ever aired on television, Traviss was able to give the clone soldiers faces, hearts, and souls of their own.

If you love seeing the more "human" side of the clones, you're going to be one of the many people who see Traviss as one of the best Star Wars authors to ever work with the franchise. 

James Luceno

While many Star Wars authors may try to focus on Jedi or side characters, James Luceno decided to take a different route altogether — and that's why many fans consider him to be one of the best Star Wars authors on this list.

Perhaps Luceno's best work, Darth Plagueis shows how Emperor Palpatine got recruited by Darth Plagueis. In this novel, you get to see how Plageuis started the entire attack against the Jedi, killed the King of Naboo, and also convinced Palpatine to become a Sith.

Few books fill in as many plot holes as Darth Plagueis does. Even though it's only one novel that really cemented Luceno as a great, it's a novel that's a must-read for any Star Wars Dark Side fan. 

Matthew Stover

Matthew Stover may not be featured on many lists involving the best Star Wars authors out there, and honestly, that's not fair to him.

His best novel, Shatterpoint, is one of the best Star Wars books in terms of both bringing Jedi backstories to the front, and in illustrating how addictive power can be. And, he does it incredibly eloquently.

Over the course of his writing career, Stover has written quite a few Star Wars books worth reading. Each book expands the universe just a little bit more and makes you fall for the characters just a little bit more, too.

It's his knack for knowing the perfect words to use that made his other major book hit, a novelization of Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith. Even if you aren't into reading movie novels, his work is always well worth a try.

Roger MacBride Allen

Roger MacBride Allen definitely ranks as one of the best Star Wars authors, in terms of sheer entertainment value. His trilogy, The Corellian Series, is all about one of the more remote planets in the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Han Solo's home system is right on the teetering edge of war, and as a young man, it's hard to cope with all the changes he's seeing in his world. To make matters worse, rumors have it that there's a new superweapon being created.

The series involves plenty of action, fun, and espionage. If you love Han Solo and fascinating espionage scenes, you're going to love Allen's work. 

John Jackson Miller

John Jackson Miller has become an iconic part of the Star Wars world, thanks to his many books on the subject. All of his books are known for increasing the current Star Wars canon, but there's one series in particular that makes him stand out among other authors in the franchise.

We're talking, of course, about his series, Knights of the Old Republic.

This beautifully illustrated comic book series spanned 18 different issues, and all showed fascinating glimpses into the Star Wars Universe and the lives of Jedi Padawans as they go on their missions. The comic book series was based off the Star Wars video game by the same name.

For fans of the Dark Side, Miller's Lost Tribe of the Sith series is not to be missed. Raw emotion, striking illustrations, and one of the most captivating comics in the Star Wars franchise is what makes this a must-have for any Sith fan.

Of course, his written novels are also incredibly good. Fans of Obi-Wan will want to check out Star Wars: Kenobi, which takes place during Obi-Wan Kenobi's exile on Tatooine.

Simply put, John Jackson Miller is one of the best — and that's why his mainstream fame comes as no surprise to any Star Wars fan. 

Michael A. Stackpole and Aaron Allston

Brilliant authors Michael A. Stackpole and Aaron Allston had teamed up together in order to create the Star Wars X-Wing book series. The series, which is based off a hit Star Wars game, takes you into the world of the New Republic years after Return of the Jedi

This military science fiction book series is excellent if you enjoy seeing main characters dealing with new side characters, military drama, and of course, insane X-wing dogfights. With tons of espionage, twists, and turns, the X-Wing series definitely show what both Stackpole and Allston are made of as authors. 

If you're a fan of sci-fi books with a military twist, both Allston and Stackpole will rank highly among your personal list of the best Star Wars authors. 

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