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Black Rose Mercenary King: Ch. 1

Chapter One- Reborn

Photo by Roksolana Zasiadko on Unsplash

"So... is this hell?"

"What type of question is that?!" An enraged voice seemingly from nowhere questioned. "Does this look like hell? Nevermind that. How are you so calm? It makes no sense!"

"Annoying...who are you? If this isn't hell, where can I sleep? I'm tired," Releasing a yawn, an old man seemingly in his 80s, dressed in a robe like a taoist monk, voiced out his most pressing concern. "If this isn't hell, let me sleep in peace. Can't you see this old man needs his rest? Respect your elders. I don't know who you are, but I'm tired."

"You! You! What the hell is wrong with you?! You just died and this is how you talk to me after saving you? What type of human are you!" The enraged voice couldn't handle the casual manner of this man, it was infuriating!

"Annoying thing, who asked you to save me? I was fine being hit by a car. At least I don't have to worry about another thing in life—let me die in peace!" With that, the old man closed his eyes and fell asleep instantly.

"You! Wake up!" 


"I said wake up! NOW!" 


As if unable to handle being ignored anymore, the temperature dropped a few degrees and icicles began to form on the old man's face.

"What the hell! Is this how you treat a senior citizen?! Kids these days!" Disgruntled, the old man reluctantly got back up and the temperature started to increase again. Finding it strange that this place could change itself at will, he finally took his first look at the surroundings.

Lush green trees, the gentle rustle of the wind blowing the branches; a completely tranquil environment..

"Idiot, what are you staring at?! This is my heavenly world, if not for saving you I'd have had enough Qi to create the first life forms—if I didn't need the help of a living human to complete my task, you could've died for all I care!"

Confused, the old man looked around in amazement. There was simply nowhere the voice could be coming from. It was coming from everywhere, as if every plant resonated with the voice forming a complete harmony with the world.

"Huhhh... So you're a legendary immortal, as expected. Nothing else could've saved me from such a lethal blow, even my Qi Apprentice Pesudo Level two cultivation didn't help!"

"Finally! You understand how amazing I am!" A prideful sneer emerged from the surroundings, obviously disdaining the man even more.

"But.. If you're an immortal, what task do you need my help with? I'm simply an old man that hasn't even stepped onto the true path of power, what could I possibly help you with? You'd better just let me die and absorb my minuscule essence." 

Speechless, the voice didn't respond for a long time. Even then, it was extremely quiet, like the rustle of leaves. 

"...I'm a flower..." 

"Hahahahahah! So that explains it, you're a stupid flower deity! It makes sense now. Why else would you need my help, you stupid thing! You can't even move on your own and you dare say that you're an immortal? You're just a deity in name!" Not even caring to save face for this flower, the old man countered harshly, "So, flower 'deity', what's your name? Mine is Zenif."

Twenty minutes passed...

Then thirty...

Then Zenif got bored counting.. 

Before, finally, "Flower...my name is Flower..."

Speechless, Zenif stood, stupefied at how idiotic this flower was.

"Aren't you meant to be a proud 'deity'? How the hell is your name flower?! Don't make me laugh! OK...Flower, what do you need my help with?" Zenif laughed. It's not like I'll actually do it. As soon as I have the chance, I'm finding the nearest car and dying again—hmph.

[System Recieved - Main Task Given: Achieve Qi Accumulation Level 6 within 2 days or receive the eternal punishment of never sleeping again.]


*Sorry I had to cut this short, I'm writing this while eating, I hope you enjoy and I hope you look forward for chapter 2, whenever that may be :) Thanks for reading.