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Blue Moon

Luna is a sad and lonely Moon until she met Rocket, a baby raccoon, and how her life changed for the better.

Before our ancestors were born, there were only the Moon and Sun that existed in the world. Well, the animals too, but that is a different story. The Moon was called Luna and the Sun was Apollo. Every time Apollo rises, he is always bright and shining! Everyone is happy when they see him and will greet him with joy. Yet with all this joy, they cannot stare at him for a long time, since he shines so bright it hurts the animals’ eyes. Apollo does not know this and he thought that the animals were just busy doing their own things. The animals make excuses so that they don’t hurt Apollo’s feelings. The day passes by and Apollo leaves. That’s when Luna comes and all of the animals thought that Luna was evil. They don’t treat her like they treat Apollo, and this made Luna very sad, because she is very lonely and doesn’t have any friends.

One night, while Luna was still in the sky crying, a baby raccoon saw her and asked, “Why are you sad?” Luna stopped sobbing and wiped her tears away before answering, “I’m not sad at all. There’s something in my eye that made me tear a little bit,” said Luna. The baby raccoon smiled at her and said, “You’re so pretty! What’s your name?” Before Luna could answer, the baby raccoon’s mother came and she was very upset. “Rocket! What are you doing? Don’t you know it’s dangerous for you to be outside at this time! We have to wait for the Sun to rise before we can go outside!” said the mother. Then, the mother looked at Luna and whispered, “And don’t you ever talk to her again, she’s bad, that’s why she only appears at night.” Rocket knew at that moment that his mom was wrong. He felt calm talking to Luna and he believes that she is friendly. Rocket sneaks out every night to talk to the Moon. He likes talking with her. His eyes don’t hurt when he looks at Luna.

On that very night, Rocket wasn’t careful enough to sneak out of his home. His mother followed him and she was surprised to see her son talking to the Moon. In that moment, Rocket’s mom stopped their conversation, grabbed her son back and pulled him into the tree house. The mom forbid Rocket to talk to Luna and he cannot go outside after sunset. After that incident, Luna feels even sadder and she cried and cried. Apollo noticed the tears on Luna’s eyes. He wants to talk to her, but he doesn’t know how. Little did they know, Lamia, the Moon-fairy, overheard Apollo when he said it aloud. The Moon-fairy felt bad for Luna and she thought about doing something nice for her. Lamia asked the fairy Queen, Maurelle, if she would allow her to intervene with a cause. Queen Maurelle thought about it for some time and said, “You’re a good fairy Lamia. And I understand how may feel, if that makes you happy then as your Fairy Queen of Moonlight Palace I, Queen Maurelle grant you the opportunity to help others in need. And if ever you’re in doubt just listen to your heart and follow what is right.” The next morning, Lamia, moving swiftly like the wind, left the Moonlight Palace. She had to make sure that no one would see her, especially Apollo. Lamia carefully hid underneath a maple leaf and patiently waited for the sun to set. She is very excited to see Luna.

The sun finally sets and the sad Moon appeared. Luna looked so sad and helpless, she saw Rocket looking at her. Luna smiled at him, he smiled back at her, and suddenly, Rocket’s mom pulls him away. Luna saw the sad eyes of her friend, she understands her situation. Even though the animals weren’t nice to her, she’s still hoping that someday they will realize that she is not bad at all. Lamia couldn’t bear it any longer, she felt how sad they are and her tears fell down her cheeks. She waves her tiny pointy finger and chants her spell:

“Oh! Moonlight that glimmers in the sky!

Shine oh! Shine my moon tonight!

For it’s your turn to bright so fine!

Grant my wish for this moon tonite!"

Not long after that, the Moon changes to a blue like colour. The animal noticed the sudden change in the sky and all of them went outside. Luna in the other hand didn’t notice any different. After a moment, when all the animals gathered around and looked at her, they gasped in awe and couldn’t believe how pretty she is. Rocket then yelled, “She’s even prettier! And wow! Look at the sky! It’s beautiful!” The animals that gather around along with her mother looked at him. Then they realized that Rocket is right all along.

An hour ago, before the sunsets, Lamia asked Apollo to help Luna out by giving her a little spark of his glimmer and the Sun didn’t hesitate to agree.

Lamia, then, waved her tiny pointy finger to the sky and added a little bitty dots that wouldn't hurt the animal’s eyes. These dots were called STARS. From then on, every time the sun sets, all the animals are excited to see Luna in the sky. Moreover, they talked to her more and more.

Lamia then explains to Luna and everyone else that her powers are limited, so they can only see the glistening of Luna every two and a half years. Until now, we still experience the wonderful glimmers of the Blue Moon.

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Blue Moon
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