C-3P-Whoa: First Poster For 'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Goes Full Star Wars

Just imagine a Star Wars and The Walking Dead crossover?

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' [Credit: Disney]

Just imagine a #StarWars and #TheWalkingDead crossover? Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan comes to chop the head off Chandler Riggs with a lightsaber, only to be attacked out of nowhere by Chewbacca. While we already know that the Breaking Bad universe exists inside #AMC's zombie apocalypse, don't expect Rick Grimes to be hopping in the Millennium Falcon anytime soon.

A good marketing campaign can make or break even the biggest of names — who remembers Susan Boyle's Susanalbumparty? — however, with the thrilling first trailer for #RianJohnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it looks like Episode VIII will continue the Lucas legacy in style. Alongside hearing Luke Skywalker speak for the first time in 30 years, we also got a brooding poster of our heroes and villains butting heads in red-soaked glory.

As the internet jumped into hyperspace, it looks like #ScottGimple has been looking to Star Wars for some inspiration, creating his own homage to wookiees and walkers with the first poster for The Walking Dead Season 8.

Jedis And Jadis

Image via Twitter

The Walking Dead may have only just wrapped Season 7 on April 2, but it is already looking ahead to the future. Although TWD will air months before #TheLastJedi, it has definitely looked to Johnson's film for inspiration. Swapping out Luke, Kylo, and Rey for Maggie, Negan, and Rick respectively, it is surprising how well TWD's homage works.

As The Last Jedi clearly heads to war, what better way for The Walking Dead to start off its "All Out War" storyline for Season 8? Complete with the caption "Who’s ready for #TheWalkingDead Season 8?” it certainly looks like they are cashing in on the Star Wars hype. Although ratings have been down on the show, there is still no sign of stopping TWD shuffling forward with new and inventive seasons every year.

Going Over To The Dark Side

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' [Credit: Disney]

However, the poster is more than just a snazzy photoshop job to appease the uber-nerds of fandom. The two entities follow a similar storyline as the sides of good and evil battle to gain control, including two opposing leaders and a rag-tag band of hardened survivors. Right down to Rick Grimes holding a lightsaber that changes color as it goes up, kudos to AMC's social media team for whipping this poster up just hours after Star Wars released theirs. That is certainly one way to stand out in frenzy of Star Wars news that gripped the internet over the weekend.

With all sides in front and behind the cameras of The Walking Dead promising a shocking Season 8, it will sadly take more than a nifty Star Wars rip-off to turn around some people's views on the show.

While it still remains a strong contender for network television, critics are arguing that it has jumped the shark (several times). One way you could turn it around would be to have Jeffrey Dean Morgan stick on a black helmet and start breathing heavily. Also, with Harrison Ford out of Star Wars, perhaps he could cameo on TWD? You heard it here first!

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C-3P-Whoa: First Poster For 'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Goes Full Star Wars
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