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Castellion's Values

Book One: Grief

In an alternate dimension, where time runs differently, a king named, Orion, and his family had powerful gifts. Orion was a Celestial sorcerer, with long brown hair, and eyes that were a reflection of the cosmos. Helen, his wife, was a sorceress of the weather, with the influence of technology. She had black long hair that faded into an electric white at the tips. The two of them had four kids. 

Diamond the oldest had power over time, and by Helen being her mother, she also developed the power over winter. Diamonds eyes were similar to her mother, they were a cool grey. Her hair was atomic blonde. 

Derrick, the second oldest, was a sorcerer over nature, and he had brown hair similar to his father's and hazel eyes. Melody, how-ever, had power over sound, and she could free the possessed. She had long black hair and her eyes were light brown. 

Jazelle, the youngest, was a sun sorceress and had power over life. Jazelle had orange hair, and her eyes were the color of fire. As powerful as this family may seem they were in the moment of great grief, after loosing their youngest children. The family lost their twins Jade and Joseph, to an ancient and evil force. The Eldritch Queen, BabaYaga, had it out for the royal family, due to the war between warlocks and witches, that occurred centuries ago.

After the twins were born, BabaYaga cast an incantation that left the entire castle under repose. When she approached the twins, she quickly identified their unique gifts, which haven't been seen since the time of the gods.

Quickly she grabbed the twins, but she realized her spell on the castle was wearing off. She dashed for the hall, until Queen Helen awoke and flew after her. BabaYaga then summoned chains from the ground made of sulfur, and bound Helen to the ground. Just when Helen was about to break free, the witch placed an immobilization spell on her. Helen froze in her tracks, trying to alert her family but no one could hear her.

BabaYaga stared at Helen with great hate, and told her she would make her watch as she stripped her children of their life's essence. Helen knew that BabaYaga would rip their hearts out, and surely kill them. As BabaYaga ripped out the heart of the babies, Helen summoned all the power she could to destroy her, but the witch was now possessing the power of two gods and her own. The witch then deflected Helen's attack right back at her. Helen was knocked out and the twins were lying in their own blood in the hall, BabaYaga made a quick escape to the Dark Dimension. When Orion awoke he didn't see his wife or children, so he rushed into the hall and saw then lying on the ground.

Gazing at his dead children he fell to his knees and sobbed. When Helen, awoke she prayed that it was just a dream, but when she saw her babies, she cried and woke up the entire castle. Helen's rage and heart break shook the entire sky causing massive thunder storms. Her other children came to comfort her and the king, as they too were angry. Diamond and Derrick the oldest suggested a trip to the dark forest to find the Eldritch Queen and end her existence.

Helen agreed, and she waved her hand and cleaned up the mess, and placed the twins in caskets made of silver and gold. They decided among themselves to have the funeral after they found her. Later that evening, everyone prepared for their trip. One of Diamond's gifts was to open portals. Diamond waved her hand and a portal appeared. They all, one by one, went through to the Dark Dimension.

When they got there, they cloaked themselves from the other witches so they would not be caught. When they arrived at Babayaga's home, Helen kicked down the doors. But when they got there, she was gone. Helen used her ability to see into the past to see where she had gone, but the witch covered her magical footprint. Helen became angry all over again, and taunted the witches in the Dark Dimension. Angry as she was, she summoned a storm to destroy the entire valley. 

Helen tossed balls of electricity at the witches homes. Orion tried to get her attention, because as much as he disliked the witches, they didn't deserve to pay for what their leader did. Orion leaped into the air and grabbed Helen. She yelled and sobbed for him to release her. As she cried in his arms, it began to rain. The witches paused their attack. While Diamond opened a portal home, and the witches allowed them to return home without a fight.

When the royal family returned, the entire kingdom was in despair. The mother yelled out how their children were slaughtered. Many had sympathy for the queen, and others begged Jazelle to bring their children back to life knowing that she had the power. But Jazelle simply didn't know how, so she fled to her room uncertain of what to do. Jazelle stood over the twins attempting to resurrect them, but nothing worked. Melody came and stood by her.

"We may not be able to bring any of them back but there's one thing we can do," said Melody.

Melody and Jazelle walked to the main balcony facing everyone, and began to sing. Melody's eyes turned purple, as she added an emotional aura to their song to sooth the hearts and minds of the kingdom, as everyone buried their loved ones. After that sad day, Helen wasn't the same. She became more acrimonious and vengeful. That evening, Helen and her daughters researched Witch Lore to understand the Eldritch Queen's objective. Diamond became shocked when she discovered the plan. The Eldritch Queen was attempting the oldest of rituals, that would give her power over creation, including life and death.

The first ingredients she would need were 900 hearts of the purest souls, the vessel of a Goddess, the spark of the cosmos, the heart of the darkest soul, and the heart of what you love most. Diamond then realized the number of babies matched the number of hearts needed. Jazelle looked deep inside herself and wondered who could be so heartless to kill so many innocent babies. From that moment, it was time to formulate a plan to stop the ritual, and save all of creation from falling under a dark shadow...

To be continued.

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Castellion's Values
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