Matthew Boughey
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Chapter 2: The Extremity Impalement

A Science Fiction Story

Ajax stared out at the view of Alkanost Prime from the Kingfishers Gunner deck. The planet was a sorry sight. The thriving mining industry had turned the place groggy, dark, and miserable. A thick cloud of soot swirled like a hurricane over the surface seemingly drawing in everything around it. In the eye of the storm a huge device known as a leviathan worked excavating everything of value from the ground below. Carving up the surface like a turkey at Christmas.

The planet had been deemed one of the most abundant in natural resources in the known universe and as a result, the Lacusian’s had decided to take it for everything it had. They ran a tight ship and on the surface, their private security force was second to none. Highly trained mercenaries armed with state of the art automatic laser weapons. They were not easy people to steal from. It took either ambitious or stupid Pirates to try and capture one of their weaker cargo ships. Few prevailed, but for those who did, it was a big score.

It was these pirates that Ajax was now searching his radar for. They had tried to find Adeline through simpler means, but there were cruder and quicker ways of gathering information. They were poised nearby one of the lesser travelled shipping lanes, the Kingfisher didn’t yet have a cloaking device, but Mr. Nine had engaged low power mode in a hope to stay as discreet as possible. They had been lying in wait for three days now, and Ajax’s patience was wearing thin.

"Where are you damn pirates?" he muttered to himself under his breath, moving the gun left and right to see that it still worked. Time passed until the silence was interrupted by a beep. Quiet but clear. But what was it? He looked down at the radar panel… nothing.

Another Beep. He turned the gun again spanning 360 degrees for any sign of movement, but the space around them remained quiet.

Beep! Ajax engaged his coms up to Mr. Nine.

“Nine! What’s this beeping I can hear, it’s getting me all tense.”

No reply…




They were getting faster. There was a crackle through the coms. Nine trying to reply? Was someone jamming their signal?




There was a pause…


The whole world turned sideways. Ajax was thrown to the floor and the room shuddered like there was an earthquake. The crashing of tearing metal filled the room around him, warning lights flashed, and sirens screamed... This was bad.

Ajax’s head span around trying to get his bearings. What should he prioritise? He looked out to where the view of the planet used to be. A ship much larger than theirs now consumed his view. A huge tube was extending out towards his window, mechanical arms began latching it into place to make an airtight seal. They were going to board the ship, and he needed to be ready for them. He had his revolver, that’s enough for six. But he needed more firepower.

And like that, he was up, sprinting through the chaos of the ship to the gun locker. He cracked it open to find a range of despicable weaponry. He needed something with a fast fire rate and a big clip. He grabbed two AK4700 assault rifles. They were ballistic weapons, but the full metal jacket rounds were great for sharing some collateral damage.

He began moving back to where the breach would take place weaving through the ship like a rat through pipes. He set up in the corridor leading to the Gunner deck and waited. Most people would have to wait until they heard the enemy before commencing their attack, but Ajax was not most people. Or a person at all for that matter. He was Mambosian; an allusive reptilian humanoid race. Like many reptiles, he could detect heat though a small pit in his neck and he used this now to anticipate his attackers.




The Pirates unlucky enough to board the ship first were met by a hail of gunfire. Ajax fired indiscriminately, tearing up his foes like an old newspaper. When his rifle ran out, he tossed it aside. He grabbed the second rifle and continued his onslaught.

“RAT A TAT TAT,” he yelled at his terrified foes. They were the epitome of chaos, scrambling over their fallen brethren, hopelessly trying to return to the breach. Ajax knew if they left he would have to seal off the ships Gunner deck. They couldn’t afford the whole place becoming depressurised. He had to get to the end of this corridor and shut that shit down. He pulled his revolver and span the cartridge in the most badass way he could.

“Time to bring the thunder.”

He began his decent, using the revolver with flawless accuracy to melt limbs and shred face. One unfortunate pirate got his feet welded to the floor. Another got his face turned inside out by the high fusion plasma round. Once Ajax had used his ammo and his gun smoked like a tiny chimney only one pirate remained, the captain of the attacker’s ship, he was making a move for the terminal. A final desperate attempt to compromise the Kingfisher and flush them all out into the abyss of space. Ajax pulled out the larger of his two knives.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” he muttered turning the familiar blade in his hand. The weight felt good. He was on a roll. In a single seamless movement, he flung the blade, impaling the pirates hand and pinning him to the wall. The captain screamed in agony. Ajax quickly rectified the sound with a punch to the throat. He held the pirate's head firmly against the wall.

Stop your whining, we’re not even getting started yet.

The pirate winced and fell into a disgruntled heap on the ship floor, he was in a bad way but alive and he had the information they needed. With that Ajax set about sealing off the breach. Their gunning deck would be out of action until they could land somewhere to fix it, but at least they were safe in the meantime. The pirate was placed in the brig. They would deal with him later, for now they needed to get out of here.


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Chapter 2: The Extremity Impalement
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