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Check Out The Best Internet Reactions To The New Trailer For 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

Which are the funniest tweets about The Last Jedi?

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' [Credit: Lucasfilm]

2017 is coming to a close, which means that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is rocketing ever closer! To remind us that that the film's release date is not so far, far away, Lucasfilm has unveiled a brand new trailer to whet our appetites, and boy, it sure is something! As swiftly as Jedi Knights ignite their lightsabers, discussions over the latest trailer have erupted across the internet. So what’s the general consensus? And which are the funniest tweets about The Last Jedi? Read on to find out!

'The Last Jedi' Trailer Has Fans Ensnared In Speculation

One feeling that has dominated every debate about The Last Jedi is simply puzzlement. Sure, there’s plenty of new footage on show, but we’re still in the dark as to where the movie’s overall plot is concerned. How much time passes through the course of the film?

We know that The Last Jedi begins mere moments after #TheForceAwakens, but now we're re-evaluating everything because of Kylo Ren's (Adam Driver) scar. The wound looks so sore near the trailer's start, yet it's healed so much near the end. Is that just how bacta works, or has Ren's injury simply had a long time to knit back together?

Plus, we now know that Rey (#DaisyRidley) will indeed share a show-down with Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis). However, when old Snokey talks about “untamed power," is he referring to Kylo Ren or Rey? Given that Luke (#MarkHamill) says something similar about Rey’s strength in the trailer, Snoke’s statement could easily apply to the scavenger of Jakku, or Han Solo’s son. So whose abilities has Snoke been waiting to cultivate?

Yup, we have just as many questions as Josh Gad does! It’s a case of mysteries being met with even more mysteries, and Twitter-users were both loving and hating the suspense. Overall, this trailer didn't give too much away, and in that respect, it's similar to The Force Awakens's promo back in 2015. That trailer carried nary a hint of Han Solo's (#HarissonFord) death, so there’s probably some pretty big curve balls lurking out of sight in The Last Jedi. Even so, not everyone was enamored by Lucasfilm’s latest tantalizing teaser.

“I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing...”

Days before The Last Jedi’s trailer was posted online, its director Rian Johnson warned spoiler-phobic viewers against watching it. Nevertheless, it seems that the new glimpses of Crait and Rey’s rock-breaking prowess were too much for some enthusiasts:

Some fans weren't as happy about the spoilers as @DCTromotola though. Many even called for the trailer-makers to find "a new definition of pain and suffering" for their indiscretions.

Strong stuff indeed. There has been an increasing displeasure with how revealing promos are for movies in recent years, and since #StarWars is one of the most popular intellectual properties of all time, it seems that The Last Jedi looks set to reinvigorate those discussions once more. But it wasn't just the spoilers that got a few fans flapping. Moreover, there was another feathered focal point for their frustration.

Put Away Those Porgs!

Like it or not, The Last Jedi is ready and waiting to unleash Porgs upon the populace. Porgs (for the uninitiated) are the puffin-like inhabitants of Ahch-To — the planet where Luke Skywalker has gone into exile. Prior to the trailer, fans were divided over these latest additions, with naysayers unfavorably comparing them to the oft-derided Ewoks of Return of the Jedi. But as we know, Star Wars fans never do anything by halves. So, when the new trailer featured a Porg in the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit, we just knew that these kind of photo shops were incoming.

All aspects of the Porgs were up for roasting, from their kiddie-friendly, commercial appeal to their apparently unnerving appearance.

We here at Movie Pilot respectfully disagree with these assertions however. We love these cute and cuddly-looking critters, and we can’t wait to see what mischief they get up to with Rey, Finn, Poe and co. Speaking of which...

Finish Her, Finn!

Fans were quick to gush over Finn’s fiery face-off with his old boss Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie) which, with their staffs and striking surroundings, looks to be pretty spectacular in itself. Thanks to #JohnBoyega’s performance (and his warmth off-camera) the endearingly kind-hearted Finn has become a firm-favorite to film-lovers everywhere.

With her sturdy armor, Captain Phasma may be better-placed to win this fight, but it’s clear who the internet’s favorite contender is.

Overall, Fans Can't Wait To See 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'!

With so much promise — and so many darn questions to answer — hype for The Last Jedi grows palpably by the minute. Minus several Porg and spoiler-related quibbles, the excitement was evident online with responses ranging from touching to highly humorous.

good morning folks, i woke up to the last jedi trailer....im omw to the hospital rn cause that shit near killed me pic.twitter.com/rJ8lmxidWn
— william shookspeare (@dracomallfoys) October 10, 2017

However, for this writer, Lucasfilm's parent company Disney summed up everything in their Star Wars-related tweet, which naturally featured a Porg squealing into the camera.

All in all, the Force is definitely strong with The Last Jedi. Plus, with tickets already on sale and surely selling in their thousands, the film's box-office will be also! As we wait for that December 15th release date, make sure that you keep checking back to Movie Pilot for all of the latest news, scoops and rumors.

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Check Out The Best Internet Reactions To The New Trailer For 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'
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