Kuri Robot Story

Where did Kuri, the adorable home robot, come from? Submit your Kuri Origin Stories Today! Sponsored by Mayfield Robotics.

Paul Curtis6 hours ago
Our Kuri
#HeyKuri It was a warm spring Saturday morning when it happened. Mom and Dad were home from work, and I was glad not to be in school. The backyard was muddy and steam would roll along the blades of gr...
Daniel Ma day ago
Many Light-Years From Home
#HeyKuri “Listen — Kuri,” Antonio-3K held their head in one of his gleaming metal claws, “you need to hide for a bit.” I had been the most popular actor in the galaxy for a long time, and my fans were...
Kelsey Langea day ago
Kuri's Purpose
Kuri glides across his room, peering out the window that overlooks the overbearing scene of red Mars. He sighs, looking down at his chest, hoping to see the warm light exuding from his heart light, bu...
tay mariea day ago
Little Wonder
Neda's blonde curls were bouncing behind her, a thousand miniature springs all set into action at once. She had a bounce to her walk, like any moment her next step would launch her into space and some...
Thomas Becker2 days ago
DEF(kuri) Every night since the little robot had first become aware, Kuri liked to review her many design files. The Engineers’ files were always entertaining, especially the early sketches (those fun...
Ellie Brookes2 days ago
The Origin of Kuri the Helpful Robot
You know Kuri as an at home robot that can help you with trivial things around the house. But what you don't know is that Kuri comes from an undiscovered planet. The planet is called Kuricon in the al...
Amelia Arzod3 days ago
Kuri's Story
#KuriStory #HeyKuri Winter 2018, December 25, Around 9 AM. It was Christmas. Harry took a moment to realise it. Still asleep in his bed, conscience and subconscious seemed to engage in a merciless bat...
Marie Blackman4 days ago
A Gift for a Gift
"He-llo, my name... is KUUUUUUUURIIIIIIII" The robotic voice whirred as it stuck on the name Kuri. "Okay... okay. One second," a male voice drifted through the air from behind a large computer screen....
Navin Mahtani4 days ago
Billy and Kuri
“Dad!” yelled Billy. “Yeah Billy, I'm coming,” I replied, as I stumbled out of bed, quietly, trying not to wake my wife. I entered Billy’s room, and he was laying in bed, with his hands over his stoma...