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Consequences of Ignorance

Ignoring the rules of a modern witch can have consequences.

"You just couldn't wait until I fixed your cider, couldn't you, hon?"

Sylvia paced back and forth in front of her boyfriend. She doesn't know why she was surprised; Kyle was always ignorant of her rules and rituals.

"I couldn't help it. No one has apples as tempting as yours."

"I told you so many times not to have an apple until I've prepared it for proper consumption!"

Kyle just stared at his clearly agitated girlfriend. He knew that she would provide a punishment for his ignorance. Sylvia wasn't violent by any means, but she wasn't fragile, either. He looked at what he could of himself before looking back at her.

"This can be taken care of, right? You're smart enough to fix it."

Sylvia looked at Kyle as her annoyance turned into a devious grin. She brought him to her car and buckled him in as if she knew what would happen to him.

During the drive, Kyle stared out the window to the best of his ability and did a lot of thinking. Eating the apple without her preparation or permission wasn't the only time he was disobedient or ignorant. He once tracked mud on her carpet after the many times she told him not to and the outcome included rumbling under his feet, Sylvia shoving him out of the room, and a few minutes of mumbles before the rumbling stopped and, as he eventually saw, his mud tracks were gone. Sylvia told him, another time, to be weary her pet owl, but after Kyle hooted many times to try and make her laugh, he heard multilingual curse words from its direction before she got up to "talk some sense" into it. Then, there was the time where Sylvia asked him to get her a specific type of shampoo from her shelf and she got a rash on her head while scrubbing her hair because he thought it would be a nicer gesture to get her a better smelling herbal shampoo. She grumbled some foreign words before the rash was gone, but she still wasn't completely happy with him.

A lot of those incidents and then some had Sylvia fixing a problem that Kyle caused. She didn't lash out on him and he wasn't expecting it now. Thinking back, he wasn't sure why exactly he didn't just follow her rules. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that she was different than other girls he dated and he probably thought ignoring her rules and differences would keep her from being scared of judgement from him. Though, it seemed eating an apple after Sylvia told him that he shouldn't since they were "sweet as the young" got a bigger reaction out of her.

When the car stopped, she immediately went to his door to open it and unbuckle him.

"You know, when I had the random premonition the other day of me doing this, I hoped it wouldn't be you that I did this to."

Sylvia picked up Kyle's little baby body and walked to the door of the orphanage.

"Maybe you'll grow up to be a better listener."

As they entered the building, Sylvia felt envy for her ancestors; at least when they made it clear that they're witches, their peers took them seriously.

(Thanks for reading my story. I hope you guys share it if you enjoy it, maybe leave a tip if you're feeling generous. PS: The idea of this story came to me in a dream, so that would explain a bit of the oddness within this story. Maybe if more people take interest in these random bits of literature, it will encourage me to post more of what my mind has to offer.)

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Monique Star
Monique Star

I'm not the most sophisticated adult out there. I'm also not the best at communicating all the time, but I do try my best to get my thoughts out there into the world verbally or nonverbally.

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Consequences of Ignorance
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