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Cool Gift Ideas for Science Fiction Fans of Every Kind

Want to give a gift to a family member or a friend, but don't exactly know what science fiction film/TV show he/she is into? Consider any of these great gift ideas for science fiction fans of every kind!

Many people who are into science fiction are into a lot of television shows and films. They are also really interested in outer space, aliens, and robots. These people have a broad liking in the world of science fiction, not just a small section of the genre. So, gifting them doesn't have to be a struggle, since there's so many options out there. From Star Wars to Guardians of the Galaxy, science fiction lovers are rarely picky. 

But, if you're having difficulty finding the ideal gift for a friend or family member, you don't have to look any further. I've gathered up the perfect gift ideas to consider, and they're all ideas that can be loved by almost any sci-fi fan. Take a look at these great gift ideas for science fiction fans, and I'm sure you'll come across a couple that you might possibly even buy for yourself.

Monopoly: Star Wars Edition by Hasbro

Monopoly is a board game that's loved by almost everyone. Despite it taking forever to finish, the game is filled with entertainment to be shared amongst all those playing. You can play Monopoly with anyone, family, friends, or both. But what's a better version of Monopoly? The Star Wars edition, obviously!

Sure, the original Monopoly is a blast, but have you ever tried playing the Star Wars themed? Instead, you're buy and collecting rent from the most iconic areas in the film franchise! Everyone loves Monopoly, and if your friend hasn't played or doesn't really like the game, get them into it with a better version of the game!

Doctor Who Figural Tardis Mug by Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a very popular television show and admired by so many diehard fans. It's also one of the best sci-fi television shows to binge on. Whether the person you're gifting is into Doctor Who or not, I can assure you that this coffee mug will capture anyone's attention.

The fact that the mug is shaped as a Tardis, let's you know it's not your average mug... it's even better! It also features a removable lid for keeping your drink hot. While it's one of the best gift ideas for science fiction fans, it's also the perfect addition to anyone's coffee mug collection. Who wouldn't want a mug in the form of a 1960's London police box?

Captain Kirk Black Apron by ICUP

Personally, this is one of my favorite gift ideas for science fiction fans even though I'm not a Star Trek fan... at all. I still love the idea of wearing Captain Kirk as a apron and feel like a captain when whipping up something in the kitchen. Anyone who's into sci-fi and cooking will certainly appreciate this as a gift.

It’s a one size fits all apron that has the body of Captain Kirk from Star Trek printed on the front. Allow your friend to be the captain in their kitchen when wearing this trendy apron while baking!

Alien Pillow by Top Trenz Inc

Pillows in general are great gift ideas, but consider offering an alien pillow to a science fiction fan — they'll be out of this world. It's super soft and cozy and will have your family member or friend cuddling with this throughout the nights while watching their favorite sci-fi TV shows. Thankfully, this pillow doesn't look like any of the scariest science fiction aliens.

The pillow is made with thick plush material that causes it to be very soft and irresistible to put down. Now their favorite emoji comes to life in the shape of a pillow that can be placed anywhere in their house. It features large black eyes and a tiny smile that comes in peace! Who knows, aliens might even look like this

Michonne Katana Sling Bag by The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead? How can we ignore the phenomenal show that's based on the comic book series by the same title. If your friend is a major zombie or The Walking Dead fan, I suggest you stop right here and buy her this bag.

Aside from how fashionable the bag is, it's the bag of the one the most well-known characters in the series: Michonne. Let your friend wear this badass bag to class, work, or as an everyday carry on and feel like a zombie slayer. The bag features colorful stitching, gold studs, and even the design of Michonne's sword handle on the strap! You have to admit, this is one of the coolest gift ideas for science fiction fans to buy.

Stranger Things Ugly Holiday Sweatshirt by Expression Tees

Even though this sweatshirt is fitting for Christmas, I don't see why someone can't wear it any other time of the year. I'm sure any Stranger Things fan won't wait until Christmas to wear this awesome sweatshirt. But other than that, this sweatshirt is really unique and only Stranger Things fans can understand the meaning behind it.

Buy your obsessed Stranger Things friend this sweatshirt as a gift and I guarantee they'll go nuts over it. Even though it's labeled as an ugly sweatshirt, it's pretty stylish. The sweatshirt features Christmas lights with the alphabet following along under it, "Merry Christmas" printed right below it, and four bicycles with one completely upside down... eerie.

Dancing Groot Figure by Guardians of the Galaxy

Even if you've never watched Guardians of the Galaxy, baby Groot is loved dearly by nearly everyone who comes across the lovable and adorable character from the film. And nothing has us adoring the character more than this dancing Groot figure, that's certainly seen as one of the cutest gift ideas for science fiction fans of all kinds. Honestly, even though I've never seen the film, I'd love to have this as a gift. 

The only way for the little one to shake his roots is by playing music around him. Once the music starts to play, he will begin dancing! He’ll also dance when you talk to him. As long as there is any sort of sound around him, he’ll dance away!

Red Skull Metal Hydra Badge Pin by Loklode

If you see that your friend has a huge pin collection on his backpack or her bag, think about gifting this Hydra badge pin to add to their collection! Even if they don't watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., this cool looking pin can be a great addition to their collection.

The pin is made out of metal and features an octopus skull surrounded by a red base. While it's one of the trendiest gift ideas for science fiction fans, any pin collector will appreciate adding this to their collection. 

BB-8 Light Up Alarm Clock by Bulb Botz

Star Wars gifts are the greatest to give to any science fiction fan, especially this really awesome BB-8 alarm clock. Child or adult, anyone who's a huge fan of the franchise will be so thankful for this clock. Have them get rid of their boring alarm clock and replace it with BB-8!

The clock includes alarm and snooze functions, and the head even lights up with the display! Simply press on the head to activate the light up functions. Even if your friend isn't a Star Wars fan, they can look at it as a robot alarm clock.

Galaxy Velvet Plush Throw Blanket by QH

Last on the list of ideal gift ideas for science fiction fans of every kind, anyone, and I mean anyone will fall in love with this galaxy blanket. Draping this on oneself will make you feel like you're covered in the stars, constellations, nebulas, and the beautiful colors of outer space! What sci-fi lover wouldn't want that?

The lightweight galaxy blanket is made out of polyester fabric that makes it super soft and comfortable to lay under. It’s great for bedding or simply having around the living room for cuddling with when the day is over. Let your friend be lost in the solar system with this stunningly designed blanket.

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Cool Gift Ideas for Science Fiction Fans of Every Kind
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