Death of a Nephilim

A Short Story

I can remember everything so well. It felt so real, I’m sure that it actually happened. It had to. The first thing I remember was me running into a large room that looked like some sort of 1920s ticket booth. It was shielded by a glass wall that stood on top of a long desk and wrapped around the perimeter. The glass had black handprints on it, and some even dragged down the glass. It creeped me out a bit, to be honest. A humongous room that was about the size of a hotel lobby laid outside of it and seemed like it had been abandoned for years. I looked around the small room for something that I couldn’t quite remember what for but that is probably the reason why I came up with nothing. As I began to panic, I started to scan my surroundings once more and came to the realization of one important fact: there wasn't another soul in sight.

I haven't seen anyone in what may have been hours, or could it have been days now that I think about it? The last time I came into any human contact is unknown. The same thing goes for the last time I have even eaten or slept. I don’t even know how I got to this place. It’s like my mind has forgotten everything so quickly now.

Whatever I was searching for a few seconds ago wasn’t there and I soon came to accept that. As I opened the door of what I assumed that lead out to the large lobby-like area, I began to talk to myself. I wondered aloud about where I was and if there were any people around; friendly ones, hopefully.

The lobby looks like a luxurious wasteland. A strange odor lingered in the place, but I couldn't quite place my finger on what it was. The floor was made of marble and resembled a chess board that has not been swept in ages. The walls looked like they had been painted white during the time this place was full of life. Now the paint looks to have turned to a yellow color and started peeling off, thus revealing a charcoal color underneath it. Dusty vintage, and once opulent furniture, stood sadly in the lobby. Rips and tears ruined the beautiful pattern on the cushions and their grayed, fluffy insides bulged out. Others looked broken and thrown on their backs and sides. Old paintings of landscapes and people were mounted on the walls here and there while others must have fallen from their post and shattered their glass in the process. The ones in good condition that portrayed humans looked creepy and made me feel watched. I'm sure their artists did not intend this, but rotting away or collecting dust in a somber building is what sometimes happens to things like that.

The second story in the building could be seen and was surrounded by what looked like cast iron fences. One area above me looked like four bars from the railing had been split up equally and pulled in opposite directions, leaving a large gap. A large black and dark red spot laid underneath that. My body shivered even though I had no idea what that could even be for sure; although assumptions flooded my brain. In other places, some of the fences were missing as well. When looking down, a few rods laid on the floor and gave the conclusion that something hard must have hit them and caused the objects to fall to the first floor.

A few more sets of furniture were set up on the second floor and could be seen, although it looks like they had been thrown around and vandalized. I’m sure it was by the hands of some immature teenagers who this. This continuously pops into my mind until it worries me. If there are people who would cause damage like that, then I hope they are long gone. I folded my arms with worry while I continued to walk in the what felt like a football field size room.

“I hope I’ll be able to find my way home once I’m out of here,” I whispered to myself as I stared down at the black and white squares that passed underneath me.

Just out of nowhere, faint voices slightly echoed in the room, and then quickly grew into a normal indoor voice. My head snapped up and across from me was a small group of what looked to consist of women; probably in their early thirties. A smile sprawled across my face within seconds and happiness filled within me.

“H-Hey, other there! Can any of you help me? I don't know how long I’ve been here and I really want to go home!” I shouted to them.

They didn't even acknowledge my existence.

I looked in their direction with confusion. Are they deaf or something? How could they not hear me? I mean, I was yelling at them, and my voice was practically bouncing off the walls! With sudden adrenaline running through my veins, I dashed over to them. They continued to talk and their voices began to grow louder and louder until after one blink when I was almost in their presence, they were gone.

“What the...?” I said.

I stopped and blinked. It was like no one was there. Even their voices had left with them. I was in shock at what happened. Am I hallucinating now? Did I drink or eat something earlier that caused this? What is happening here?

This is a dream. This has to be a dream! There's no way that this is even possible. How can a couple of humans just vanish into thin air!?

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. At least the door is right in front of me, so I can just walk out of this most likely haunted building. I relaxed my body and opened my eyes back up. I had expected to find myself in the same old lobby that I had been in, but somehow, in some unbelievable way, I wasn't.

The room around me was just... something that I had never seen before. I’m quite sure that I was nowhere near the place I was once in. This seemed like it was more from something found in Greece. It's like some sort of paradise.

Ivory pillars stood tall and touched the ceiling as the floor beneath me was still marble, but as white as snow. Greek statues and busts of gods and goddesses were here and there. These, unlike the ones found in Greece and Rome, had all of their body parts. Their surfaces looked smoothed and were probably polished daily. New paintings that probably cost millions hanged on the walls and looked much newer and more pleasant than the others that I saw. Beautiful flowers stuffed into expensive vases sat on the different types of tables in the room. The same furniture that was here before was here now but had been restored to their magnificent beauty. The ticket book or whatever it was, was completely gone and in replace was a relief sculpture. It depicted some sort of battle consisting of stereotypical angels and red devils against a small group of people that consisted of men and women with shields and swords and attached to their bodies were angel wings and demon tails. Above that was the presence of the second floor. Two staircases began on opposite sides of the relief and curved inwards as it came higher and higher until they met.

My heart was beginning to race. I was growing even more confused to the point that I was unknowingly biting my lip hard enough that it started bleeding. I gently pressed my index and middle finger to my lips and took it away to look at the crimson liquid that slowly rolled down them.

Not even before I could say “ow,” a loud noise that sounded like a meteorite colliding with the ground outside immediately grabbed my attention. My head snapped up and two, pure white, French doors with golden handles that stood across from me burst wide open. The ground shook then eventually calmed down after. I could see through the window, but I could tell that something was completely off.

I hesitantly walked forward a bit and looked outside. It was like the world had just gone through an apocalypse. The ground was nothing but cracked, red dust and not a tree was in sight. It looked like the surface went on forever and in the distance, there was what I had assumed to be sand dunes. One thing I noticed quickly was that there was nothing that had even touched the ground. The only flaw was the cracks and small rocks that were scattered around it.

“God help us, she’s here,” I hear a hushed voice say behind me.

I turn around and there was a woman dressed in nothing but black standing on one of the staircases. I noticed that she looked like she was ready for a funeral. Her black, long dress touched the floor and covered her feet. Her outfit showed none of her skin from her neck and down. A small, black hat rested on her head and a black laced veil laid over top of it and covered her face. It was hard to tell her age, but from the sound of her voice, she was probably in her mid-forties.

“Excuse me?” I say. I feel a strange surge run through my body but I ignore it, thinking that it’s a strange chill going through me or just the atmosphere. My voice feels a little relief at seeing another human being but conquered at the same time due to the fact that this woman is probably crazy. “Can you tell me what’s going on, please? I have no idea what’s happening and I just want to get ho-”

“Her eyes! It’s her! God save us!” She called out before I could even finish my sentence as she grabbed onto the railing of the staircase.

“Her? Who-who are you talking about? What’s going on!? Where am I!?” I began to panic a bit.

She didn't answer me. I hear her recite Biblical verses underneath her breath as she looks at me in horror and held what was I guess a rosary up to her face. They sounded like mumbles from where I stood, but the last string of sentences from her were ones that I could understand perfectly.

“He comes for those who have the stars in their eyes. For those who have mortal flesh with the blood of angels and demons running through their veins. He comes for the abominations; the offspring of his and the devil’s children, to rid them from the Earth and wipe away them and the sin that lives within them,” she whispers.

“Abomination?” I repeat. I also never heard this piece of the Bible before.

Thunder immediately clapped in the distances as a gust of wind comes inside the room and almost knocks me to the ground.

“He’s here.” The woman says in cheer happiness as her gaze is turned towards the entrance. 

“Who is he?” I whisper with fear while following her gaze.

I see the figure of a man in the distance. As he draws closer, I’m able to see more of his features. His hair is white like snow and connects to his beard that stopped at his collar bone. His eyes were too far away to see clearly, but I could tell that there was something different about them. A cloth was wrapped around his waist and one piece went across his torso and over his shoulder. Gold gauntlets were around his large arms and could possibly blind someone if its surface ever met one of the rays from the sun. He looked very strong as if he had been taking steroids for the past few years and he seemed somewhat close to the age of an old man. Although he was built and looked like he was a powerful old man.

I notice that the thunder I was hearing didn't come from the clouded sky but from the ground. Every step that this guy took, the ground shook as if there was an earthquake. A great fear came over me as I stared at him longer. I wanted to run away but I couldn’t stop staring at him. I felt like I was in a trance at first until I was pushed outside of the house and fell on my knees. I looked back and saw the building’s doors close behind me.

“Protect us, my Lord!” The scared woman whined as loud as she could.

“No! No please let me back in!” I cried as I stood up on my feet and began to beat on the doors. “Let me in! He’s going to hurt me! Let me back in!”

By this point, there were tears running down my cheeks and no matter how much I scream and pleaded, I couldn't get the scared woman to let me back inside. The thunder grew louder which meant that he was getting closer to me. I clawed at the door and hit it with my fist as hard I could. With a surprising realization, large dents were left on the door.

“What in God’s name is happening!?” I said loudly. I knew I was never strong enough to make any damage to something like this. Especially when the door looked and felt like it was a thick, solid, piece of wood. Despite this, not even the dents were enough to take down this thing!

I felt a strong hand grab onto my shoulder and I was forced to turn around. I came face to face with the man who looked like he resembled one of the male statues inside. His eyes were like lightning and his gaze was worse than the feeling of being scolded by one’s own mother. He began to speak and just the tone of his voice was as booming as the sound of his footsteps. The man had a great amount of authority in his voice. He looked at me with anger as he stared into my eyes and spoke with pure disgust.

Your existence will be erased, Nephilim.

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