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Dec 22 2017 UFO Sighting


Once again, all of social media was abuzz with the possibility of a new UFO sighting. A spectacular visual display of the exhaust gasses blending into the atmosphere at sundown over the Southern California coastline, from a SpaceX rock launch out of Vandenberg Air Force Base was to blame.


As usual, the knee-jerk reaction by the public is to attribute any unknown aerial phenomenon to be a UFO and blast photos about it on social media. The nonsense goes on for about 48 hours to 72 hours until the excitement subsides and then everyone waits for the pattern to repeat itself.

What is so unfortunate about this is that most people claim to want to solve the UFO intrigue but no one actually does anything about it. A lot of people think they are doing something about it, many even claim to be Ufologists or even UFO experts.

The problem stems from the following areas:

  1. The Use of Earthling Versus Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft  
  2. "UFO" Is Synonymous With Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft
  3. You Can Not FLY in Outer Space
  4. Vehicle Versus Object
  5. Kennedy's Famous Quote
  6. Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU)

Earthling Versus Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft

The first thing Earthlings need to do when they have a sighting is to immediately attempt to categorize the object as Earthling or Extra Terrestrial. It doesn't even matter if they are correct or not, but at least it will get them started down the road of reducing the use of the term UFO. Since the first word is Unidentified, they need to at least break the sighting down into two less broad categories, Earthling or Extra Terrestrial.

Since Edward Ruppert first coined the term "UFO" in the early 1950s, the Earthlings have essentially not moved one step forward in the process of identifying Extra Terrestrial spacecraft because Extra Terrestrial spacecraft are not UFO's. As long as you keep using that term you will never progress towards discovering what they are being able to identify a sighting of one of them.

UFO Is Synonymous With Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft

Over time, essentially what has happened is Earthlings have made the term "UFO" synonymous with the term "Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft." Everyone knows what everyone means and everyone knows what everyone is trying to say. But, since no one is actually saying it, and the military and government are rubber stamp denying every sighting, we are stuck in limbo land. 

You Can Not FLY in Outer Space

Pilots are taught that in order to FLY (Forward Levitation using energY), a winged platform has to be accelerated through an atmospheric medium. The shape of the wing causes the airflow to travel faster above the wing than below the wing causing a low-pressure area on the top and a high-pressure area on the bottom which in turn generates lift. This is known as Bernoulli's principle.

The operative concept here is atmospheric medium. You need an atmosphere medium to generate lift and thus fly. So once you leave the Earth's atmosphere, it is not possible to be flying. This is why the space shuttle uses small exhaust nozzles that emit gas to vector itself in outer space.

So, an Extra Terrestrial spacecraft that would transit its star system to travel to Earth would not fly here, it would vector itself here. Rather than using exhaust gases, it would use applied electromagnetic force mechanics.

So rather than using the term "fly," Earthlings should be looking for terms like "vectate" (from vector and levitate) as the form of action the spacecraft would be employing to get here and move around in our atmosphere. Again, an attempt to get away from using the legacy 1950s terminology UFO, which is holding us back from solving what is happening. 

Vehicle Versus Object

Next, we need to start using the term "Vehicle." Just like we need to use the term Earthling or Extra Terrestrial to start to drill down from the simplest generalization of system classification when we say "Unidentified". We need to use "Vehicle," to denote spacecraft, so as to drill down from the simplest generalization of type when we say "Object".

Without moving in this direction we are basically not evolving from using legacy terminology from the 1950's.

Kennedy's Famous Quote

“And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”

No statement in history better sums up what our problem as Earthlings is. Until the leader of the United Nations repeats that quote while inserting planet for country, the people of Earth will never usher in the era of the Earthling.

“And so, my fellow Earthlings: ask not what your planet can do for you—ask what you can do for your planet.”

Notice how Earthlings refer to themselves as citizens of their country of residence, not of the planet of Earth. They need to do this to start to think like beings of other planets think.

Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU)

Once Earthlings start using the term Earthling to identify themselves they will start to realize some of the people claiming to identify themselves as Earthlings are actually Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Living Among Us (HETLAU). These are the occupants of those Extra Terrestrial vehicles that are vectoring themselves here from other planetary systems.

As long as we use legacy terminology like the 1950s UFO and refrain from using progressive terminology like Earthling advancing us from the 1960 concept of country we will not get any closer to solving the UFO phenomenon.

Sample Sighting Discussion

So, we're using the recent SpaceX rocket that was perceived as a possible UFO as an example. If the public civilian sector, not military or government, would assess it as follows, we could make some progress.

The vehicle was a rocket that was boosted at liftoff and rocketed through the atmosphere, not flying through the atmosphere, and was Earthling not Extra Terrestrial. What we were wondering was it possibly an Extra Terrestrial vehicle that vectored itself here from another planetary system using applied electromagnetic force mechanics.

If the civilians would start talking like that it would instantly become apparent they have evolved beyond that of the military and government as well as become apparent how silly the military and government sound saying "NO," it was not a UFO as they have been doing with their rubber stamp of denial for every UFO sighting that has ever been put forth.

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Dec 22 2017 UFO Sighting
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