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Disheartened About SyFy Cancelling 'The Expanse?' Don't Be!

2019 Will Be an Epic Year for Sci-Fi!

The hardest thing about being a science-fiction junky? Good books, games, films, and TV shows are few and far in between.

This makes it all that much more exciting when a long-anticipated release is about to happen! After three gripping seasons of The Expanse it was a hard blow for fans to hear that SyFy was cancelling the show.

Immediately hope sprung up at the possibility of Netflix of Hulu saving the show. Fans took to petitioning to save the show—and collected an astounding 138,000 signatures!

It wasn't Netflix of Hulu who saved the day however. The hero that swept in? Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO! Thank you Jeff! The Expanse will be moving to Amazon Prime!

If you're like me, you ran over to Amazon to sign up for membership immediately upon hearing the news, but if not, here's where to grab it.

So what should sci-fi fans do while waiting for season four to come out? If you've already read all of The Expanse books then your next series should be the Fire Fury Saga.

In 2018, Fire Fury Freedom made waves in the press and among readers as one of the best new dystopian science fiction novels to come out in a long time. It got attention in the press and has been cause for hope that the series will be picked up as a TV show in the near future.

Since then fans have been awaiting the launch of Fire Fury Frontier, the next installment in the series, set over 200 years in the future from the events in the first book. This space opera is sure to please.

When we asked author Amanda Rose to give us insights on the novel, she said to think, "Mass Effect meets Star Wars." If you're like me, that gave me chills of excitement!

Fire Fury Frontier is set to launch January 22 and we couldn't be more excited to dive in!

Fire Fury Frontier Trailer


When we asked the author about getting a little taste of the story, she graciously provided a little tidbit for us to sink our teeth into while we await the book launch:

Koji floated among the wreckage of the ship, disoriented and terrified. He’d been next to the front window of the pilot’s cabin when the ship exploded, and the force of the blast had knocked out the window and shot him through the hole. Masato had been right next to the engine when it happened, and though it had been in the blink of an eye, Koji couldn’t get the image of Masato’s body being consumed by the flames out of his mind.

Straining to breathe, Koji tried to focus; the world around him spun out of control as his body was hurtling into space. He brought up his right arm in front of his face to access his suit’s built in computer panel, only to find the screen had been horribly smashed. He tried holding down the button to activate his radio signal, “Hello?!” he asked scared, hoping for a response. But none came.  

I don't know about you, but after reading that I am even more anxious to start the book!

Meet Amanda in Toronto February 2!

Amanda will be at Chapters in Brampton for a Book Signing February 2 from one to five PM. Come out to meet her and get your book signed!

Chapters Brampton

So what should we do while we're waiting for January 22? I know I'll be re-reading Fire Fury Freedom. If you haven't read it yet, you're in for an epic journey!

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Disheartened About SyFy Cancelling 'The Expanse?' Don't Be!
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