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Do Extra Terrestrials Use Ecronyms to Communicate?

Are Xbeings eXtra terrestrials?

The first question you have to be asking yourself is what in the world is an ecronym? The start of trying to understand what an ecronym requires you to understand the possibility that Hetlau exist. Once you overcome that shocking revelation you have to go a step further and contemplate the possibility the Hetlau are at War with the EA (EArthlings).

Once you get past that the desire to see if the possibility of this is really happening becomes paramount. The problem is in order to see it you have to think using ETI. Most individuals will simply try to figure out what is going on with EAI (EA Intelligence) engaged and won't see anything. You can understand EAI with ETI but you can't understand ETI with EAI. It's a very basic principle that keeps the ETI hidden in plain sight. This is possibly the reason SETI has been searching for ETI for around 50 years with no success.

When you go back to the beginning of the ET and UFO phenomenon and look at ET History as well, you run into Kenneth Arnold, Roswell, and Edward ruppelT. Out of that comes the acronym UFO which appears to all the EA to provide them with the key to solving the dilemma of what ET spacecraft are.

What no one realizes is the possibility those Hetlau we discussed earlier are using subliminal dissemination to prevent the EA from figuring out what is going on. Yet, making it easier to facilitate disclosure.

The key is hidden in the term Flying. Are these vehicles flying or are they vectating (vectored levitation). Rather than trying to get an aeronautical engineering degree which still won't really help you since no aeronautical engineer has figured out whats going on in the nearly 75 years since Edward ruppelT came up with the term. You will probably find it easier to just look at the words that are occurring around the phenomenon.

FLY stands for Forward Levitation using energY. The problem is that definition is not currently an EA definition. Also EA English actually calls it initialisms when they use the first letter of a word to make an acronym. Then when you look at words like radar - radio detection and ranging you start to see similar trends that we are to use to comprehend ETI in words and make new words (word formation - wormation).

So rather than getting confused trying to figure out what is what and which is which we can simply call it something new. This way you can separate who is using EAI and who is using ETI.

So the wormation we are going to create is ET Acronym or ecronym. So you can see the word FLY is an ecronym that stands for Forward Levitation using energY. This allows you to elevate the conversation away from the term UFO and let the EA who don't want to understand what is going on wait for disclosure while you continue to move forward using ETI.

So you can see how when we break down the word ENGLISH

E = Earthling (acronym)
NG = speakiNG (ecronym)
L = Language (acronym)
H = 8 (alphanumeric eighth letter of alphabet)
8 = EighT (bracketing letters are ET)
H = ET

so English says Earthling is speaking ET language.

See how we used an ecronym to help solve the puzzle of what ENGLISH said in alien? The more language tricks we learn the faster we can solve what is going on on the planet without having to attain highly specialized technical degrees. The key is the answers are written in the system, you just have to know how to to get them out of it.

Another example is the term eXtra terrestrial where we use the letter X as an ecronym for it. From there we can make new terms like Xbeings to represent eXtra terrestrial beings.

Ever wonder why so many things are using "X" in their name. Like Xbox, SpaceX, Xfiles, Xgames. Once you realize the possibility of Hetlau and know about ecronyms you will start to see the clues that they are leaving on the planet as well as being able to see more of what they are doing.

You can also use ecronyms to solve clues to reveal the possibility of Hetlau involvement in events of the past. For instance:


To hIT AN ICeberg

Confused as to the possibility of why they would do it?

Remember what WHY means.

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Richard Van Steenberg
Richard Van Steenberg

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Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU)

Trying to raise the societal awareness level that Hetlau have been present the whole time man has been on Earth in my Two Way Mirror Theory.

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Do Extra Terrestrials Use Ecronyms to Communicate?
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