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Do Extra Terrestrials Use Enagrams to Communicate?

eXtra Terrestrial Anagrams= Enagrams


On Earth and in the English language, anagrams are a method of putting hidden words in other words by respelling them. The anagram "Listen," which respells into "Silent" is a perfect example of why we need to evaluate anagrams.

People on Earth who believe ET exist but can't understand why they are silent, or why we haven't heard from them, are suffering from the possibility that they don't know how to listen for them correctly. So that anagram is a perfect fit for what we are trying to do. In other words, they may actually be hearing them, but because they don't know what to listen for, they simply aren't aware they are hearing them. I'm not talking about radio signals from SETI. I am talking about the possibility you are hearing them speak to you publicly each day as HET, you just think they are EA.

If the possibility exists that Hetlau are here, could they be using a language format that relies on ETI to comprehend it? If we put forth a hypothesis that all the languages on Earth were placed here by ESH and they have left clues to reveal that after they provide disclosure, should we be able to locate them? Obviously, that will not provide factual proof, but it may provide a preponderance of evidence that reveals the repeating patterns that more aware people can pick up on.

The trick is that we need to elevate our awareness of basic EA anagrams and look at the possibility of using a new form of anagram called an enagram. Using wormation or word formation and porphemes, enagrams are eXtra terrestrial anagrams.

So an example of one would be:

First, we need to realize ET= TE, so you can substitute E for T or T for E.
Why does ET= TE? Basically, this is using ETI to comprehend a looser interpretation of communication than the strict rules imposed by English.
ET = TE (backwards or reverse)
So we can make LATIN become LAEIN.
Then, respelling it as an anagram, we get ALIEN.

So the additional step we needed to make to convert it and recognize it is what made it an enagram versus an anagram. Essentially, though, any time you are respelling a word to derive an ESH meaning versus an EA meaning, you are using an enagram.

The key is, using normal anagrams, we are never going to be able to resolve more complex examples like that that use ETI. So what we are going to do is use the term enagram in order to allow us to decipher more complex language formats.

Also, this will help because, when you tell a person that you are using enagrams, they will not know what it means. They will either try to learn how to use them and help bring about disclosure quicker, or they will just say it's not necessary and feel anagrams will suffice. This will allow the people who want to know what is going on and want to bring about disclosure sooner to not be held back. As an example, it is possible all the people who insist on using ET and UFO versus HET, CTV, and Volute are holding back those who are willing to use the new terminology.

An example of using a basic anagram that is really an enagram is the word TIME, which becomes EMIT.

The reason it is an enagram is because the meaning of the word emit, when derived from the word "time," explains how time works. EA are not aware that TIME, in addition to all the functions we currently know about it, measures the amount of energy that has been emitted. So an ESH, when told what the system is and the time of it, knows how much energy was required up to that point to produce the current state status or what is the system's energy state.

Another example would be the word NELLIS.
Using symbolism, we can convert an L to a 1. Then, using alphanumerics, we can convert a 1 to an A. NELLIS with an A instead of an L is NEALIS.
Now, respelled as an enagram, it says ALIENS. So you can see that we need to be able to add a little more functionality and complexity to the typical anagram, but the results yield those repeating patterns that produce the preponderance of evidence.

Remember when I said earlier that people wonder why ET is silent? It is because they do not know how to listen for ESH using enagrams.

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Do Extra Terrestrials Use Enagrams to Communicate?
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