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Doctor Who Fans Treated To An Exclusive Preview of the 2016 Christmas Special During Children in Need

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

The long wait is finally over! Whovians across the world have been sat patiently to see #DoctorWho back on their screens. The BBC made the internet have a breakdown when they announced that series 10 of Doctor Who would not be taking place in 2016. Due to sporting events such as the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the Euro 2016, fans were left devastated when they were told the annual Christmas Special will be the only Doctor Who adventure of 2016.

Friday 18th November 2016 is the BBC's biggest night ever, as the United Kingdom raise millions for the children that need it the most. As ever, Doctor Who played its part for the charity by releasing an exclusive sneak peak of the festive episode that is to come this year. In the past, Doctor Who have filmed exclusive minisodes in aid of Children in Need. From Peter Davison returning as the 5th Doctor, to the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) parking the TARDIS inside the TARDIS! As the years went by, the BBC decided to stop making exclusive Children in Need clips and started rolling out Christmas Special previews to get fans in the Christmas spirit!

'The Return of Doctor Mysterio' - First Look!

Matt Lucas, Justin Chatwin and Charity Wakefield are among the many guest stars of the 2016 Christmas Special. A deadly alien threat begins to take over New York and the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is left with no choice but to join forces with an investigative journalist and an intriguing looking superhero. Can they all stop the alien threat once and for all and keep New York protected?

Action, adventure, superhero and comedy all in three minutes! The clip saw the Doctor, the investigative journalist and Nardole (Matt Lucas) all held at gunpoint before Justin Chatwin made a smashing entrance to save the Doctor! Get ready as we're about to face one crazy adventure this Christmas!

When Can I See Doctor Who Back On My Television?

Christmas day of course! Or if you're tired of waiting, head over to the BBC iPlayer (UK only) and watch the brand new Doctor Who spin-off show called #Class, where Peter Capaldi returns as the Doctor in the second part of the series' debut episode. After the Christmas Special, the Doctor returns to our screen in April 2017 for the long awaited series 10 starring the brand new companion Bill Potts played by young actress, Pearl Mackie.

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Doctor Who Fans Treated To An Exclusive Preview of the 2016 Christmas Special During Children in Need
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