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'Doctor Who' Music Composer, Murray Gold, Reportedly Departing the Show After Nearly 13 Years

We know Doctor Who showrunner and the current Time Lord are both leaving this Christmas, so is the list of departing crew about to get longer?

Doctor Who is a hit show for the BBC, and has gathered a large audience ever since it aired in 1963. But not only does the onscreen action adventure please the audience, the music in the background in each episode gives audience the goosebumps. The person responsible for this music is the show's music composer, Murray gold.

Murray Gold joined the iconic show in 2004 before the hit series was revived by Russell T Davies, by introducing fans to the 9th Doctor, Christopher Eccleston. But, following social media reports, including Facebook and YouTube, it is claimed that Murray Gold is tragically departing the science fiction show as music composer once series 10 has finished broadcasting on BBC One. We know that Doctor Who showrunner, Steven Moffat and current Time Lord, Peter Capaldi, are both leaving the show this Christmas, so is the list of departing crew about to get longer?

How True Is This Rumour?

At this point in time, it is unclear how true these rumours are, as there is no reliable source to confirm this rumour. However, with Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi departing this show this year, it seems likely that Murray Gold is next on the list to hand in his TARDIS key and move on.

Broadchurch creator and writer, Chris Chibnall, will be taking over as showrunner in 2018 for the eleventh series. It's already been confirmed a new Doctor will be taking over, with many famous faces lines up, and as it stands, a new companion is already on the lines to be introduced to the show for the eleventh series.

it is claimed in previous sources that Chris Chibnall is getting together a list of brand new writers for Doctor Who, meaning the old favourites won't be writing for the series in years to come. With Murray Gold on the lines of leaving, is Chris Chibnall planning to introduce an entirely new cast and crew for his era of the show? It's almost as if he wants to reboot the show completely.

Final Thoughts

More news is expected to be revealed regarding this tense rumour, and many fans of the show pray that he stays for at least another year. Murray Gold is well-known for his legendary tracks for Doctor Who, including the tracks used in the episode 'Heaven Sent' in series 9, and 'The Long Song' in series 7b. Be sure to check out the latest trailer below for the tenth series of the show!

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'Doctor Who' Music Composer, Murray Gold, Reportedly Departing the Show After Nearly 13 Years
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