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'Doctor Who' Showrunner Reveals Why He's Brought John Simm Back to the Show

John Simm is returning as the Master after seven years.

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]

Last week, Doctor Who fans were given some jaw-dropping news, which is set to make Series 10 a spectacular series. That's right — John Simm is returning as the Master after seven years! John Simm was last seen in "The End of Time" Parts 1&2 alongside David Tennant. Now, his incarnation of the Master is making a sensational return to the hit #BBC show, and will be appearing onscreen alongside the current Master (Missy), played by Michelle Gomez.

Speaking exclusively to Radio Times, the real reason why Steven Moffat decided to bring back Simm has been in the making for more than seven years:

“Well, I’d always thought when we got Michelle that at some point it’d be fun to have a story where two versions of The Master meet. I’m sure everyone’s thought that at some point. But in a way you can’t do that straight away. You’ve got to let the new one become the definitive iteration as it were, and then you can bring in the wonderful John Simm"

What episode are both Masters appearing in?

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]

As it stands, it is unconfirmed which Series 10 episode(s) the Multi-Master story actually takes place. However, Missy's incarnation of the Master is set to appear in Episodes 6–8 and 11–12. With Episodes 6–8 set to be an epic three-part story, we could possibly see John Simm return for another three-part story once again. His last multi-episode story was way back in 2007 for the Series 3 finale. On the other hand, could he be back to cause havoc in the finale alongside Gomez and the Mondasian Cybermen? Who knows?

Final Thoughts

With both incarnations of the Master ready to cause mayhem, Series 10 of #DoctorWho begins on BBC One Saturday, April 15th. This will be #PeterCapaldi's final series as the Time Lord and will depart on Christmas Day, where the next male or female Doctor will take on the role. The trailer for the upcoming series of Doctor Who can be found below:

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'Doctor Who' Showrunner Reveals Why He's Brought John Simm Back to the Show
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