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'Doctor Who' Spin-off 'Class' Could Receive a Second Season Following Unconfirmed Cancellation

'Doctor Who' fans were treated to a brand new spin-off show last year called 'Class,'but it has been reported that the series will be commissioned for a second season on only one condition.

'Class' [Credit: BBC]

(WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the first season of Class. Please read at your own risk!)

From deadly enemies to lovable and quirky characters, Doctor Who fans were treated to a brand new spin-off show last year called #Class. The series follows the lives of a group of teenagers and a school teacher as they battle a tear in space that keeps appearing in Coal Hill School.

However, it was reported early on this year by The Daily Mirror that the #DoctorWho spin-off was cancelled by the #BBC due to its poor viewing figures. This was caused due to the BBC airing the show on BBC Three. On the other hand, it has been reported that the science fiction series will be commissioned for a second season under one condition: It has to do well in America this year.

However, executive producer of the show, Steven Moffat (who is also the showrunner of Doctor Who), has revealed he would love to make a second season of Class, as he doesn't want to let the Weeping Angels win, following that major cliffhanger!

Could the Weeping Angels be the main villain for Season 2?

'Class' [Credit: BBC]

Speaking to Radio Times, Steven Moffat seems keen to tackle a second season of Class in order for it to become even more successful. It's almost like a second chance for the show creator, Patrick Ness, to make the show a lot bigger than it already is. Speaking about the possibility of a second series, Moffat said:

“We don’t know right now — we would love to get more 'Class' made. We’re in a different world now, for how television works, especially when our channel is basically online. Wait and see what’s going to happen."

Continuing on with his interview in front of a large crowd, Moffat went into explaining that the Weeping Angels cannot win this battle, a second series would easily solve the jaw dropping cliffhanger. Moffat said this in his answer to Radio Times:

"Now, the Weeping Angels cannot be allowed to win, can they? Let’s just hope that Coal Hill gets another go."

Final Thoughts

'Class' [Credit: BBC]

Class creator Patrick Ness has hinted that the show has not officially been cancelled by posting the following Tweet:

If a tabloid puts the keyword in the title in quotation marks, it's pretty certain they're just making shit up, okay?
— Patrick Ness (@Patrick_Ness) February 24, 2017

The Tweet was promptly posted following The Daily Mirror publishing an article with the headline saying: "Doctor Who spin-off Class to be 'axed' by the BBC after just one series."

The series — starring Katherine Kelly, Greg Austin and Fady Elsayed as part of the main cast — can be found on the BBC iPlayer in the United Kingdom until October 2017. The Young Adults series has already started in America, and each episode of the series will air immediately after the new episode of Doctor Who.

For now, all fans of Class have to sit patiently and hope that the series is successful in America, and the BBC commissions the gripping and bloody show for a second series.

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'Doctor Who' Spin-off 'Class' Could Receive a Second Season Following Unconfirmed Cancellation
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