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'Doctor Who' Spin-Off Show 'Class' Axed By The BBC

(WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the first (and only) season of Class. You've been warned.)

'Class' [Credit: BBC]

#Class is the fourth spin-off show for the BBC hit series #DoctorWho. The series was created by novelist Patrick Ness and saw a group of teenagers attempt to save the world at Coal Hill school, which is where Clara Oswald taught.

The Doctor Who eight-part spin-off series Class has officially been axed by the BBC after just one series. The series starred Coronation Street star Katherine Kelly as an alien teacher Miss Quill. Class was apparently the BBC's most high-profile attempt at a young adult show in many years.

Ratings for the spin-off show hit an all-time low, which disappointed the BBC. This is suspected to be because the show was only available online via BBC Three. Despite the BBC replaying the episodes on BBC One earlier this year, the viewing figures went from bad to worse. The series started in October 2016, and Episode 1 saw the current Time Lord, Peter Capaldi, make a guest appearance. Nonetheless, Episode 1 drew 1 million viewers, far less than the BBC expected.

Turns Out 'Class' Was the Least Favorite 'Doctor Who' Spin-Off

'Class' [Credit: BBC]

Back in their days, K9 and Company, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures were huge hits with the BBC and did not fail to please their audiences. Class, on the other hand, tragically failed to even reach the top 50 of weekly shows viewed on-demand.

As the series continued, the viewing figures kept dropping massively, which shows viewers were getting tired of the series. By the end of the science-fiction series's first season, reports showed the finale only managed to draw in a mere 300,000 viewers. Failing to grip its target audience, the show was given an appreciation rate of 70, which is 12 less than the most recent Christmas special of Doctor Who.

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'Doctor Who' Spin-Off Show 'Class' Axed By The BBC
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