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Doctor Who: Tim Burton Style

What if Tim Burton took over Doctor Who and turned it into stop-motion animation?

From The Nightmare Before Christmas to Frankenweenie, remember those spooky/creepy looking models/characters in these films? What if Tim Burton took over Doctor Who and turned it into stop-motion animation? Tim Burton is a well known film director and does a lot of stop-motion animation films.

Listen (Series 8) Tim Burton Style!

A Doctor Who fan by the name of Michael Kenny (MichaelthePure) has put together some amazing designs featuring what each Doctor would look like if Tim Burton took over. Some look creepy, and some look like they are tired (the 8th Doctor and War Doctor for example). 

Check them out below!

Some of the designs are really creepy. Like the 4th Doctor and 11th Doctor!

The 4th Doctor design reminds me of a creepy looking clown.

That's enough to give you nightmares!

Do they look tired to you?

What if the BBC gave Tim Burton the chance to put together a Doctor Who stop-motion film? Imagine how brilliant but spooky it would be. I'd watch it just to see the imagination and creativity involved. "Who knows" (The Curator - The Day of the Doctor) what the final product would be like. 

I would really like to see this happen one day because the imagination would be phenomenal.

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Doctor Who: Tim Burton Style
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