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Does Everything Have Consciousness?

Does matter respond to us by what we project towards it?

We have already seen from the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto that water is most definitely alive and that we most definitely have an affect on it with the intentions and emotions that we project toward it. 

The Results of Dr. Emoto's Work with Water

We have heard of this also in reference to plants. People have done all kinds of things to plants to see them either grow feverishly quicker or to watch them shrink in fear and stop growing altogether. People have even attached lie detectors to plants to see if the plant produced an electrical response when exposed to different types of stimuli. 

Timelapse Video of Plant Behavior

If everything is energy, does that also suggest that it is possible that everything has a consciousness? That everything is alive? Can we affect matter with the emotions and intentions that we project towards it?

Say for example, your first car that you got when you first started driving. How did you treat it? Did you love it and appreciate it and keep it clean? Did you keep up the oil changes and check the air in the tires regularly like you should? If you did, I can bet you had a great running little car and you didn't have a whole lot of trouble out of it. On the other hand, maybe you didn't get the car you wanted when you first started driving and you hated the one you got. Did you call it a piece of shit and never bothered to clean the trash out of the floorboard? You kept saying how you hated driving it and how it ran like crap. You might have complained that things were always going wrong with it. Well, I bet it did run like crap if you treated it like that, despite the car taking you where you needed to go. Maybe your car wasn't feeling any love. Maybe we effect matter with our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Maybe we get exactly what we are expecting and calling into being with our words. 

This is speculation, but it has been pin-balling around in my mind until I could sit down and write about it. It simply wasn't going to go away until I put my theory out there for the world to see. I believe it is time for us to understand that love truly is the answer to all of our problems. When we are grateful and loving to our homes, cars, computers, and even our smartphones, they seem to run smoother, last longer, and them seem content serving their purpose for us. We seem to take this for granted until we sit down angry at the computer and it freezes up on us.

What if we affect the things around us with our electromagnetic fields? What if what we put out really does come back to us? Would you stop being such a negative person if you knew things could go smoother for you? Would you stop cursing and spewing out mean and nasty energy if if meant your appliances would stop breaking down or your internet would work more consistently? 

Let's take a look at what older generations used to call the word cuss. They used to call it cursing. If you google,"curse definition," you'll see the verb definition is "to invoke or use a curse against, to be afflicted with," and "to utter offensive words in anger or annoyance," Synonyms for the word curse include: damn, hex, jinx, condemn, afflict, trouble, plague, and bedevil. If words are energy and our emotions have power, then when you are cussing at someone or something, you are wishing bad things upon them. I believe that our thoughts hold our intentions and we use our voice and the words we choose to project energy toward people and even things around us. Don't call it crazy just yet. Just think on it for a while. It really starts to make sense. Look back into your past and you will see the results of it. 

What if the key to everything really is love? What if love is relevant to everything and everyone we experience? What if when we treat objects in our environment with love, appreciation, and respect it has a real effect on our reality? Just how connected are we to everything? Are we one with so-called inanimate objects as well as with all of humanity? How liquid is our reality? Since science has already proven everything is energy, how far fetched is this idea? 

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Missy Conley
Missy Conley

I hope you're ready to have your mind stretched and bent! Those are the topics I enjoy writing about. Anything esoteric, metaphysical, or mystical. We're evolving faster than ever and it looks as if Magic has become the new normal! 

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Does Everything Have Consciousness?
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