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Domino: Revelations - Prologue

Beginning of the End

Five years have passed since the Satanic Undead infestation took place. Three warriors with supernatural abilities, Fuegonon the Islamic Fire Wielder, Seto the Wiccan gunslinger, and Domino the Catholic Dark Bearer banded together and fought the necromancer, Pyropolarnite. With Fire, Ice, and Darkness, they managed to defeat her without taking her life. Domino's blade, the Umbra Celeste, separated the evil from her mind and restored the purity of Selena Cambridge. Domino and Selena fell in love, married, and had two children of their own (James and Delilah Cambridge). This seemed to be the end of Chaos and a restoration of Order. However, the event that took place was only the beginning.

This year, the 2842 election would result in Corvin Brimmstone becoming President of the United States. Taking note of the Infestation, he swore to prevent domestic terrorists from spreading harm to innocent citizens. In a meeting with his Cabinet, a strategy was formed to combat future threats. After hours of ideas leading nowhere, President Brimmstone had a thought, "What if we ban all religions? Over the course of history, wars were fought, blood was shed, and innocent beings were burnt at the stake. Let's not forget the September 11th, 2001 tragedy. All these atrocities shared one element in common: Religion. If we remove the element, then no one (in theory) would have a reason to fight, kill, disobey, and/or cause harm to others."

The Secretary of Homeland Security pointed out, "This would cause rioting in the streets. We need to prevent terrorism, not create more conflict."

President Brimmstone replied, "Then we eliminate the threat before it can occur. Secretary of Defense, we need the Military to form camps for those who wish to practice their faith. It's either we ban religion, or repeat history of violence over who believes (or not) in God. Being as religion is protected in the First Amendment, let it be known that the US Constitution is now an unenforceable historical document. We don't need Constitutionalists spewing rhetoric from an antiquated system. All in favor, say 'Aye.'"

After hearing the words of the President, the Cabinet shouted in unison, "Aye!"

"Then today, we form a new nation. We'll maintain our roots, yet demonstrate before the world our progress forward into the future. We shall be named the Former United States of America, or FUSA for short. We'll start off by rounding practitioners of every faith. Eliminate any resistance. Oh, and there's one person in particular I'm interested in. Bring the 'Dark Bearer,' Domino to me. I want to see him personally. Do what you must to ensure he complies."

In the weeks that followed, anyone religious was rounded up or killed. Churches, mosques, temples, and any building representing deities were decimated. The only beings safe from harm were Atheists, with the exception of one. Domino, Selena, and their two children lived in a small house located in New York's Hudson Valley. Tonight would be the night everything collapses. SWAT teams surrounded their home and broke down the door. Dozens of armed men and women entered, causing the children to cry. One of the officers turned his attention to Domino, "Domino, you are under arrest for the crime of Religious Practice. Failure to comply will result in lethal force."

"You do realize, I'm the Dark Bearer, right?"

"Regardless, the law is the law, and you must comply."

"I follow the laws of God before the laws of Man."


Domino conjured Dark Armor to protect his family from incoming bullets and explosives. He took out the Umbra Celeste from his mantle and fought off as many officers as he could. Unfortunately, his attacks were pointless since the officers were otherwise good people and were only upholding their oath to enforce laws of local, state, and federal government. Hence, the blade couldn't actually extract Darkness from beings not possessing it. Distracted with his attacking, the Dark Armor disappeared and his family was killed in the altercation. Witnessing the lights fading from their eyes and blood pouring out the entry wounds, Domino's rage took over and he emitted a Dark Bomb in a failed attempt to destroy everyone. He was weakened, beaten, and bound. "God, why have you let my family die? Have I not been a loyal enough servant to you? Is this the result of compassion and a life of virtue? I renounce you, False God!" 

Domino was taken away and escorted to the President in a straight jacket. Upon his arrival, President Brimmstone welcomed him bearing the feeling of victory and superiority. "I see you've caused my men trouble, haven't you? I heard your family died while you resisted arrest. Tell me, what was the point? Did you honestly think you could actually overpower the brave men and women of Law Enforcement? Your blade doesn't work on good people, does it? I should execute you here on the spot for treason! However, I'm willing to pardon your transgressions if you swear your allegiance to FUSA and serve in the Counter-Terrorist division. Your responsibilities will be to capture and detain anyone bearing religious symbols, practicing religion, and kill anyone who resists (if need be). We can use a person like you on our team. Will you join or die?"

With regret in his eyes because his family death derived from him fighting for what he assumed righteous, "I have nothing to live for. My family's dead, my friends are dead, and I'm alone. Even my God abandoned me when I needed him the most. I have no faith in anything. I feel pointless without a cause. I will join you."

"Good, then it's settled, report to your Commanding Officer for your training. You've made a wise choice, Domino."

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Domino: Revelations - Prologue
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